Week 8- Faton Elmazi

My teams name was Care for Kids and we donated to Variety. We decided on Variety because we all had the common background of wanting a change and better the living conditions of children in Wisconsin. We donated a total of $405.00 to Variety to support a disabled girl in Washington County to get a special bike made for her. We believe that riding a bike is something every child learns to do or needs to learn to do. With our donation we hope we make a difference. My experience working in a group environment went really well, everyone pulled their own weight and everyone contributed to our common goal. It seemed pretty easy to me and my peers that were in my group.



how did your team decide on which organizations are best for your investment? How did you determine the amounts to allocate?
2. What has your experience been in working in a group environment? Are you finding it’s easy? Difficult? Is your group in agreement on decisions being made? How are you handling disagreement?

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