Week 8- Erika Bolek


The past couple of weeks in Mainstreet have been very successful and very interesting to see what all organizations have to offer and how amazing it is that people/businesses are willing to help donate to these organizations to help our community out. It is amazing how much others do for each other. After all these donations and raising money, as a group we had to choose which organization we believed our money would be most beneficial to. As a group we decided to donate to Big Brothers, Big Sisters because we felt that they will do good deeds with the money that will be given to them. It will give them opportunities to do more with the children. It was very difficult to choose which organization to donate to. We hope they will be able to take in more children into their organization and help them get to know their surroundings better and become really close with an adult, young or old. We hope that this will give children more opportunities, to do more and prepare them for their future with a positive attitude.

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