Week 8 – Sara Hofmaier

Our team decided that we wanted to donate our money to Big Brothers Big Sisters. At first we had a lot of difficulty deciding because all the organizations were very good causes and we wanted to help them all. We then decided that the best way to decide on a cause would be to think about what our money would be doing. This made us want to choose a smaller organization because the money we raised wouldn’t make as much of a difference / impact for a big organization like children’s hospital. We felt that by donating to Big Brothers Big Sisters our money would be more helpful. We also took into consideration the financial standpoint of all the organizations (which were all very good). I think that our group has worked very well together and come to agreements fairly easily. We have had some disagreements but we resolved them easily by explain both viewpoints and listening to each other. I expect that next week we will all feel relief because we have finished our fundraising. I think it will also be very exciting because we will be able to see all the money we raised and know that we raised it and it will be helping our community. I will feel like I was able to make a difference in our community.  

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