Week 6 – Sara Hofmaier

When discussing with the non-profit leaders I learned that they all care deeply about their organizations and all have good reasons for why they started working there. It surprised me when the variety children’s charity leader was talking about specific people that they are helping. I was shocked to hear that he knew the name of one lady that donates ten dollars every month. This was surprising because that is such a small amount and you wouldn’t think it really makes much of a difference for their charity but he still knew her name and appreciated her for her donation. Listening to them made me want to be involved in my community when I am an adult and be able to say that I helped make a difference in people’s lives. I really want the people in my community to think of me as an important person in improving the community. I am learning that selling candy is not as hard as I thought it would be and it is very cool to see our intake of profit which we will be able to donate to an organization.      


  1. joanne silbernagel says:

    I enjoyed your post and am glad that the class is impacting you in such a positive way.

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