week 5 – haley krejcarek

I have learned that so far in the different ways we evaluate in an investment that the 990 form can be very helpful in many different ways. I feel as though any method can work and it’s easier to work with a group of people than doing it on your own. I prefer to work with a group than doing this on my own because with having the extra support when you get lost helps a lot and you can each get assigned apart or just simply compare answers at the end. I find most of this easy because I think of it as “The nonprofit sector is being flooded with people who have spent a day, a year, or a whole career in the for-profit sector and have decided that now is the time for change. The lines between corporate and community are shrinking, and the value of those from each sector is rapidly being understood and capitalized upon by the other.” which is showing nonprofits valuing many business skills.

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