Week 4 – SaraHofmaier

The organization that I researched was Coalition for children, youth, and families. This is a organization for foster kids in our area. When doing a quantitative analysis of this group I learned that they are pretty good in the sense of money. Almost all of the money they spend goes towards the program. The management and fundraising expenses are both low. Their sustainability could be improved since it is only a little over seven months but it’s not horrible. It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment because you don’t want to invest in an organization that isn’t going to put the money towards their program or if the organization was going bankrupt you don’t want you money to be used to bail them out of debt, you want your money to actually help the cause you are putting it towards. Based off the numbers on Coalition for children, youth, and families they would be a good organization to donate to and our money would be put to good use.

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