Week 8- Erika Bolek


The past couple of weeks in Mainstreet have been very successful and very interesting to see what all organizations have to offer and how amazing it is that people/businesses are willing to help donate to these organizations to help our community out. It is amazing how much others do for each other. After all these donations and raising money, as a group we had to choose which organization we believed our money would be most beneficial to. As a group we decided to donate to Big Brothers, Big Sisters because we felt that they will do good deeds with the money that will be given to them. It will give them opportunities to do more with the children. It was very difficult to choose which organization to donate to. We hope they will be able to take in more children into their organization and help them get to know their surroundings better and become really close with an adult, young or old. We hope that this will give children more opportunities, to do more and prepare them for their future with a positive attitude.

Week 7- Erika Bolek

My overall experience of Main Street has been wonderful. It is easy but can be difficult at times. The most difficult part about it is coming up with your fundraisers, and which charity to donate to. Every charity can use some type of donation but as a group we all need to agree on which charity to choose. We need to agree upon which charity we believe is in most need of a donations at this point in time. Before donating you need to raise the money by fundraisers which are also difficult to choose. There are so many good ideas out there. I can not wait to hand over the money we raised to whichever charity we choose.  

Week 6- Erika Bolek

Last week for Main Street Philanthropy we invited in a couple of charities to come in for a panel discussion to see what their organizations are all about and what they would use the money that we raise for if we happen to donate to them. I believe a panel discussion is a great way to see how our money will be used to whoever we may donate to. We want to make sure that our money is going to a good cause that we raise. For my fundraiser we decided to sell candy, which is doing pretty good so far. We hope to raise a decent amount of money to donate. My group just hopes that the charity we choose will just be grateful for any money donated even it its not a lot. Not only did the panel discussion guests tell us what they would use our money for or what it would go towards, they also told us about their charity and what made them keep the job they have now. They also explained what each of their mission are within their organization which I though was pretty cool to hear and how many people have been helped through these organization and the excitement they had when they each told us a story about someone and how they were helped by the organization and how grateful they were. We will be having another panel discussion this coming Thursday, so that will give us another opportunity to see what other charities are out there and then the hard decision will come in a couple weeks where each group will need to pick which organization to donate to.

Week 5- Erika Bolek

When looking into other companies, there are so many ways in evaluating investments in a company One way is to look over their 990 tax forms which I find the easiest because its super organized and all the information you need is all there. You could also ask question to the manager of the company which I find is more work and not as easy and quick to do. With the 990 tax forms, you get your answers right away and it’s easier to tell whether that charity/foundation is in desperate need of some type of donation.

Week 4- Erika Bolek

For Main Street Philanthropy, my group “Capes for Kids” reached out to Big Brothers, Big Sisters for a charity we would like to donate to. We would like to donate to them because it is a charity where adults go to spend time with kids for the day. It is meant to help the kids have fun and how them what’s all out there to offer for them. These kids that come to this charity are ones that come from families that don’t do anything and their parents aren’t good role models so these adults volunteer their time to set a good role models for the children. I think it’s pretty neat that they do this for kids. It gives them the chance to view different points in life and what they can do to help them have fun and help them with their day to day lives.

Week 3- Erika Bolek

Last week in our small groups we got more in depth with what charities we would like to donate to and what we are going to sell to make this possible. My group, “Capes for kids” are going to donate to Children’s Hospital and possibly Big Brothers, Big Sisters. For fundraising we decided that we will sell Jelly Beans and make coasters/mugs to sell, along with those ideas we also decided we will make friendship bracelets to sell. We would like to donate to Children’s because our mission is to improve the lives of children. While reaching out to Children’s hospital I expect to encounter having a longer conversation with the manager asking him/her questions about their organization and explain to them how my group, “Capes for Kids” would like to help them out to help supply enough material to help kids who are in most need of help.

Week 1- Erika Bolek

Last week we got a set of MAD (Make A Difference) Cards which were cards that had charities on them that are in need of donation/help. We were only able to pick three out that stuck out the most of the set we were given. Choosing between the MAD Cards was very difficult because there were many causes that need donations to help them. I never realized how many causes there are out there and are very sad to think about to know that so many people in the world need help win their day to day lives. I feel bad about not knowing about all of these problems and how important they are and how many face these problems today. I learned that others need more than what we do today. I learned that everyone in the community needs some type of comfort from others. The main thing that struck me about myself was that when I was choosing between the cards, that I am grateful for all the friends/family and many others that I have in my life and how they help me and how I have all necessities to live along with wants that I have. I hope to be more open and broad with my ideas and help more in the community after learning skills from Main Street Philanthropy and to use these skills to help me in the future to become a better leader. Not only can I use these skills, but I can spread them onto others to do good deeds for your citizens and make the pass it throughout their community.