Eli Bartelt week 8

We decided as a group that we were going to donate all of our money to the Honor Flight. We donated to them because one of our group members went to a welcome back and said it was a very cool thing to see. Working with these groups was not the easiest at times. We sometimes had a hard time working with each other but we eventually learned to communicate a lot better and overall it was a good experience.

Week 7 Eli B

This week we learned about a couple different non profits.  This one was much different than the first one these people seemed to be part of bigger programs than the first time around. For our group the man from honor flight came in an taught us a lot about how much it really means to these veterans. A member of my group went to a welcome thing that honor flight does and he said it was very inspirational and that is what help us make our very tough decision to donate to honor flight.

Week 6 Eli Bartelt

This week I learned a lot about the organizations that came in. It was super surprising to me how much these people truly cared about their jobs and organizations. These people had a true passion for what they do. I learned a lot about the american legion post that I really didn’t know much about before. That they go on retreats and all this other cool stuff to honor veterans. One hard thing for me was asking some of these people questions because I didn’t know them they didn’t know me so it felt kind of weird. It was very happy to see that these people really appreciated the fundraiser  that we were doing and thought of us as such great kids.

Week 5 Eli Bartelt

I have been learning over the past few weeks that there is multiple organisations that are good and some that are also bad. We learned how to analyze organization’s 990 tax  forms. Then we learned how to score them so we can see how an organisation uses there money. I think that it has been really easy to find organisations that use there money for good things and its harder to find there 990s for organisations that don’t use their money well. Another way that we are analyzing organisations is that we are bring them into a panel discussion and asking them questions about there organisation. I think this is a way more effective way to analyze them.

week 4 Eli Bartelt

I learned about my organisation this week by looking at the 990s and looking at there take information. This made me realize if i am working with a good organisation that uses there money for good. It is important to look at there tax information because they is a lot of fundraisers that pay there people way to much and don’t use there money the way we want them to. By doing this I now know what kind of organisation I am working with and if it is a good one or not. Honor flight is the one we are most likely donating to because of how they use there money.

Week 3 Eli Bartelt

This week our group created purpose, mission, and vision by deciding that we are going to help veterans and honor them by donating to the honor flight. This is very important because all these veterans have fought for our freedom and if they didn’t do what they did we would not be living the way we do each and every day. It is especially important to me because my grandpa is a veteran. This week when I contact an organisation I expect lots of good things to come. I think that these places will be very happy for what me and my group is doing.

Week 2 Eli Bartelt

I learned a lot of new things about my classmates about there life outside of school. I liked this activity because now I know that I have some things in common with classmates that I really wouldn’t think I am to similar to. Our fundraiser is going to help veterans in some way. I really like this topic because there is a few people in my family that are veterans and I know how much they had to sacrifice. So I would like to give back to them in the best way possible. I think we are gonna sell brackets and donate the money hopefully we can get a local business to match what we earn.

Week 1 blog Eli Bartelt

When using these “Make a Difference” cards I realized all the problems that we could solve on this earth from feeding hunger to helping animals find homes. One thing that I learned about myself is what I put first. I put religion first to donate money to because I think that that’s the most important thing that people need because there lots of people who never learned about Jesus. I learned a little about my partner based on the things that she picked. She picked Animal Rescue for one of them because she rescued the dog that she had so she wanted to support that cause. The thing that I want to gain from main street philanthropy is to learn how to put together a good fundraiser and just be a good overall leader.