Week 8/Kira Taylor

Our fundraiser team decided to donate to the organization because we put a lot of thought into it. My experience has been good working with other people that just want to help others have a better, happy life. There were no disagreements on who we were donating to.

Week 7/Kira Taylor

This week, we chose to interview a family member, mentor, or a friend. I chose to interview my stepdad, James Jaeger. My stepdad, James, short for Jim, grew up with a troubled childhood. He was abused by his dad. When he was abused, he would burn himself with cigarettes on his arms to ease the pain, and he thought that it would help him mentally. To this day today, he still talks to me about it. Things are different then than they are today because now he lives with my mother, Carrie, and my little brother, Braden.

Week 6/Kira Taylor

I learned this week that there are a lot of organizations that want to do the right thing. I am learning from my fundraising experience is that it is hard to come up with a fundraiser that will work with everyone.

Week 5/Kira Taylor

This week we learned about what questions to ask organizations when they come in on the 12th and the 19th. I think that it could be easy and also difficult to evaluate non profit organizations for a potential investment in their cause. It could be easy because sometimes organizations can tell you a lot of things about them, but if they don’t it could also be difficult.

Week 4/Kira Taylor

This week we learned what our organization was about. I learned individually that our organization is about helping children in need of food, clothing, shoes, a roof over their head, medical needs, etc. It’s important to look at numbers before making an investment because you need to know if they’re a good business to contact or not.

Week 3/Kira Taylor

This week we learned about what our mission is. Purpose is important because when starting a fundraiser, you have to have a purpose for the fundraiser. Vision is important because you have to know what you want when starting a fundraiser. Mission Statements are important because they can help you in the long run. I expect to hear that people will come visit Kewaskum High School and talk to us about fundraisers, and how to start them.

Week 2/Kira Taylor

This week we learned about items that described each other. We also learned about fundraisers that could help veterans, children in need, hungers issues, etc. We learned about who has team spirit. Inside the classroom, people shared items that were given to them from family members, items that have to do with a sport, hunting, music, and art. Our team name is Care for Children. Our team fundraising goal is $250.00. We will raise money by doing different things to get different types of donations. We will put all of the donations together and donate to children who have special needs. Possible fundraiser ideas could be a Battle of the Bands. We could have the high school band go against each other with their own type of music, and see who could win. We could sell tickets for people to get in, and that could be a way to raise money. We could also buy some stuff to make a spaghetti dinner. We could have the high school choir or band perform at the dinner, or maybe teachers could show a talent that they have. Another idea could be gathering loose change. So many people have loose change that they really don’t care about so there’s another good idea. Another idea could be a chore day. We could clean houses, babysit, shovel, etc. for donations for children in need. I learned that some people are into a lot of things that almost everyone is into. This week I have connected with some people on interests that I thought I would never connect with. I want to really help children that have special needs because some children don’t get the things they need, and it’s unfair.