Week 7 blog- Justin Anderson

I thought the 2nd panel discussion was way more beneficial than the first. More people came this time and I feel like we got a lot more accomplished and we learned more about the organizations. The first discussion was productive but we were just getting used to it. We were nervous during the first discussion but by the time the second discussion came around our nerves had gone down and we got a lot more done.

Week 6 Blog

I learned a lot about a lot organizations at the panel discussion. The most interesting one was Variety. They were very interesting and had the most meaningful cause there. They were better than group we brought in and all the other one’s there. These groups make want to be part of an organization like that but also don’t because I already have a career planned out.  Part of my career can involve this work and I will try hard to incorporate it into my life. I learned that fundraising is not that easy because people don’t always like the prices of what you’re selling. If you find the right people then fundraising is easy and they will buy a lot of stuff and you will make the money but other than that it can be hard.

Week 5 Blog

I’m actually learning a lot about the different ways to invest in a company. No, I don’t see more value in one way than another because no matter how you donate to them you’re giving them money to help more people and have better technology within the organization. I think it’s easy most of the time but it can be difficult because it can be confusing what the organization is trying to do. If it’s difficult then you don’t donate to them because it’s harder to get an understanding of what they’re doing.

Week 4 Blog

I learned that they do good for all children and will do anything to save their life. Their 990 forms look really good and they could support themselves without making any money for awhile. They seem like a really good organization and we could invest in them without having second thoughts. It’s important that we look at the forms because then we know how the organization is doing and if we know that we’re investing in the right place.

Week 3 Blog

It was kinda hard to create these things because you don’t know exactly what you want right away but the more I thought about it the more ideas came into my head and I got a start on what we are trying to do. I think what we are doing as a class is important and we need to help  these organizations make the world a better place. While reaching out to our organizations I think we will get a lot of people to talk to but only a couple will come in. The organizations who need the donations to help the kids will want to come in even if they are busy, but I think we will have a successful week.

Week 2 Blog

I learned a lot about what people like to do on their free time and what they care about in their life. I learned that my classmates and I care a lot about the same things and we all have a lot of the same values. The brown paper bag activity was a new and exciting thing for all of us. We are going to sell Jelly Beans after spring break for Easter and hope to make a lot of money from that and we are also looking for more fundraisers to do after that.

Week 1 Blog-Justin Anderson

My experience with the MAD cards was a great experience. There are many different topics but only a couple of them I felt strongly about. People got to see how I feel about certain topics and you got to learn about how people feel about certain topics and how sympathetic they can be. I learned that I can lead people to fight against things like hunger and make sure kids get a nice childhood that they deserve. I hope to gain the trait of being a leader and learning how to help people as much as I can.