week 7

Something that sticks out is how all of the organizations that came were very passionate about what they do and how they do it. They were happy to help and seemed like all of the donations would make a difference.  Some challenges were finding a way to make a lot of donations without a super cool way of doing it.  Some success we had were very generous people making donations to our fundraising group.

week 6

I learned a lot from the non profit organizations that came in and that they care a lot about what they do.  I think what surprised me was how much children’s helps outside of the hospital with more than just illnesses.  I will think about that they do that more than just help people with sickness and with abuse and stuff like that.  I am learning a lot about fundraising like where the money is going and what they do with it.

week 5

I am learning a lot about how certain organizations use the money that gets donated to them. I do see more value in one method than the other for example donating to a group that helps kids in need over than one that might do something for the community.  I feel like it is easy to evaluate who to donate to because the ones that are going to do more for people is the one to donate to like childrens hospital over the orchestra.

week 4 talon ralph

I learned that our organization helps people in need with medical purposes.  It is important to look at the numbers before you invest to make sure that you don’t donate your money to someone whos company or business might fail.

week 3 TR

We have a lot of ideas on how we are going to get money to donate for example sell some bracelets and other items similar to that.  Some challenges about working in groups is that not all of us know each other and don’t want to talk to people we don’t know.  People thought it was very interesting and would want to try it out of they wanted to donate.

week 2

I learned a lot about what they like to do and what peoples hobbies are. We have not decided what our team will be selling yet but we have decided that we are going to donate to childrens hospital.

Week 1-Talon Ralph

My experience using the MAD cards was interesting because I didn’t realize how many other things were important.  For example the environmental issues like plastic in the ocean or littering.  There is also a problem with it because of the logging that is taking out forests, which we need for oxygen and wildlife will not survive. I learned that a lot of people think the same things are important as me.  I hope to gain information about people on Mainstreet Philanthropy, and learn more about what their interests are.