week 8 blog-jermaine thull

Our team has chosen Variety and the reason why we chose them was because we each have a family member who has a disability, and we all thought that it was a great thing what they were doing for the little girl and how they are making a bike for her. After we looked into the organization we realized that a lot of their money is actually going towards the little girl and overall the money goes towards all of the ones that need a lot of help.For the most part working with a group was a great thing for me, i learned how to be more comfortable talking in front of people that i don’t normally socialize with and i feel like it took a lot of pressure off of me because i was able to be comfortable and share my ideas. And our group pretty much agrees on what each person says, and sometimes if we don’t necessarily agree we don’t just say it’s a dumb idea, we try to improve it and make it a way that can work and that we can all agree on

week 6-jermaine thull

During the first panel i learned a lot of things, not just in the organizations that we were looking at but just overall in the others too.One of the biggest things/ most important things that i took away from the discussion is that some groups were very emotional and really cared about the things and people that they help, and i just felt like that was really touching and made me think alot about who i want to be. A couple things that i learned from the fundraising is that it is very important to be polite and have great leadership skills, so that way you can talk without being nervous.

week 5 blog- jermaine thull

I think seeing where the money goes to is a very big part and i think it is one of the most important things to look for when donating.For the most part i am finding it quite easy now, the reason being is because i want to help children, but also i would not donate to a organization that support themselves more than the cause itself.

week 4 blog-jermaine thull

A couple things that our group learned about the organizations that we chose is that each group is doing a great thing for children, and we learned a lot of key details about what we needed to know and we all related to one group more than the others. In my opinion it is very important to look at the numbers before making a decision because then we can see how they are using their money, and how much is actually going into the cause.


Week 3 Blog- Jermaine Thull

My group came up with our purpose,vision, and mission statements this week. Our group came up with the purpose of helping children that were in need. Our vision is to raise money to help all of the children that we can. I am hoping that our group is able to contact The Boys And Girls Club, and Variety, and i am hoping that we can find out which group would be the best non-profit organization to donate to.

Week 7 blog- Justin Anderson

I thought the 2nd panel discussion was way more beneficial than the first. More people came this time and I feel like we got a lot more accomplished and we learned more about the organizations. The first discussion was productive but we were just getting used to it. We were nervous during the first discussion but by the time the second discussion came around our nerves had gone down and we got a lot more done.

Eli Bartelt week 8

We decided as a group that we were going to donate all of our money to the Honor Flight. We donated to them because one of our group members went to a welcome back and said it was a very cool thing to see. Working with these groups was not the easiest at times. We sometimes had a hard time working with each other but we eventually learned to communicate a lot better and overall it was a good experience.

Week 2- Sirius Richards

This past week we had to put three items we found near and dear to our heart into a brown paper bag and share with the class. I put my phone, ear buds, and keys in the bag. My phone is the way I stay in contact with everyone when I’m alone or not with them which is very important to me. My ear buds are my escape from life as a symbol of music. Without music I don’t know how I would relieve some of the stress in my life. The last thing I put in there were my keys as these get me from everywhere to anywhere and being on the move at all times is big for me.

Week 7 – Luke Moris

This week we learned about different non profit organizations. For our group the guy from honor flight taught us about how much he cares for the veterans. Brad went to a welcome party that honor flight does here and there at a air port. Brad said that it was very inspirational to go to the welcoming party, and it was a main reason why we donated to him because he convinced us to think the same. We were glad that we chose honor flight and didn’t regret our decision.

Week 1- Sirius Richards

In our second meeting with the main street class we had about 15 cards to select from that had different groups that could use help from others. Me and a partner narrowed it down into three different categories. We got it down to environmental protection, children and youth services, and medical care. My partner and I really agreed with the children and youth services as we think kids have it a lot harder than need be. I personally didn’t have it easy growing up so whatever I can do to help kids like me will warm my heart. I hope main street helps me realize that sometimes other people and things need to be put ahead of yourself because not only is it the right thing to do but it will help you better yourself and become a good leader.