Week 8- Faton Elmazi

My teams name was Care for Kids and we donated to Variety. We decided on Variety because we all had the common background of wanting a change and better the living conditions of children in Wisconsin. We donated a total of $405.00 to Variety to support a disabled girl in Washington County to get a special bike made for her. We believe that riding a bike is something every child learns to do or needs to learn to do. With our donation we hope we make a difference. My experience working in a group environment went really well, everyone pulled their own weight and everyone contributed to our common goal. It seemed pretty easy to me and my peers that were in my group.



how did your team decide on which organizations are best for your investment? How did you determine the amounts to allocate?
2. What has your experience been in working in a group environment? Are you finding it’s easy? Difficult? Is your group in agreement on decisions being made? How are you handling disagreement?

Week 8 – Luke

Our team chose honor flight. We chose honor flight because we all had the same opinion on donating on their organization. My experience on a work environment was good because we worked well as a team. I think that it was easy working as a team because we had good communication. We all did very well communicating.

Week 8- Erika Bolek


The past couple of weeks in Mainstreet have been very successful and very interesting to see what all organizations have to offer and how amazing it is that people/businesses are willing to help donate to these organizations to help our community out. It is amazing how much others do for each other. After all these donations and raising money, as a group we had to choose which organization we believed our money would be most beneficial to. As a group we decided to donate to Big Brothers, Big Sisters because we felt that they will do good deeds with the money that will be given to them. It will give them opportunities to do more with the children. It was very difficult to choose which organization to donate to. We hope they will be able to take in more children into their organization and help them get to know their surroundings better and become really close with an adult, young or old. We hope that this will give children more opportunities, to do more and prepare them for their future with a positive attitude.

Week 8/Kira Taylor

Our fundraiser team decided to donate to the organization because we put a lot of thought into it. My experience has been good working with other people that just want to help others have a better, happy life. There were no disagreements on who we were donating to.

Week 7/Kira Taylor

This week, we chose to interview a family member, mentor, or a friend. I chose to interview my stepdad, James Jaeger. My stepdad, James, short for Jim, grew up with a troubled childhood. He was abused by his dad. When he was abused, he would burn himself with cigarettes on his arms to ease the pain, and he thought that it would help him mentally. To this day today, he still talks to me about it. Things are different then than they are today because now he lives with my mother, Carrie, and my little brother, Braden.

Week 8 – Brad Buechel

Our team decide on the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight organization as the charity we want to donate to. We all believe in their goal of flying veterans from all over the country to see their memorial in Washington D.C. I think it’s really cool that an organization in Wisconsin offers this, because it is unlike any other in the United States or even in the world. We gave all our fund raised money to Honor Flight, because we feel it was such a cool and great cause. I enjoy working in an group environment, because the amount of thoughts and ideas going around is incredible. The group I got to work with was very easy going, and we really didn’t disagree on many things at all. 

Week 6 – Luke Moris

I learned a lot about the organizations that came in this week. These people really care about what they do and it’s inspiring. For Honor flight it was really sad to hear that some of them have to cancel the veterans flight because he passed away. And that they weren’t able to get the thanks that they never got when they came back. What these people are doing is really great and I hope someday I can also do the same thing but make it even better. For my fundraising I have learned that it is very important to make more than what you are selling, because otherwise you are losing money.

week 7

Something that sticks out is how all of the organizations that came were very passionate about what they do and how they do it. They were happy to help and seemed like all of the donations would make a difference.  Some challenges were finding a way to make a lot of donations without a super cool way of doing it.  Some success we had were very generous people making donations to our fundraising group.

Week 8 – Alexia Polzin

We decided that Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin would be the best for our investment because they had all of the requirements for what we wanted to donate to. We wanted to donate somewhere that helps children when they are sick, hurt or even just when they need to get back on their feet. We decided to donate all of the money that we raised to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. My experience with working in a group environment has been good. I liked working as a group because then you don’t have to depend on yourself to raise a lot of money. You have people who can help you do that task. I found it easy when we were discussing about what we wanted to do as a group because we all listened to each other and had our own opinions. I found it difficult when it came to deciding on what we were going to do when fundraising. We could not think of anything to do. When we finally decided on what to do, we were unable to do that so we had to go back to square one. My group has been pretty easy to make decisions with. We all wanted to do the same things. We are handling the disagreements by discussing our own opinions about whatever we are disagreeing on.

Week 7 – Alexia Polzin

I am learning how important it is to give a little in life. It doesn’t have to be big but it can change someone’s life. Whoever it will help will be greatly appreciated.  It will help them continue or even help them get on their feet. It is so easy to think about ourselves, but not everyone thinks about others. I has not been easy because it is difficult to figure out a fundraiser to help people in need, but we made it work. Our group has decided to donate to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. We chose Children’s Hospital because we wanted to help children who are sick, hurt or just need help through life. We thought that this organization would be the perfect fit.