Week 4 – SaraHofmaier

The organization that I researched was Coalition for children, youth, and families. This is a organization for foster kids in our area. When doing a quantitative analysis of this group I learned that they are pretty good in the sense of money. Almost all of the money they spend goes towards the program. The management and fundraising expenses are both low. Their sustainability could be improved since it is only a little over seven months but it’s not horrible. It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment because you don’t want to invest in an organization that isn’t going to put the money towards their program or if the organization was going bankrupt you don’t want you money to be used to bail them out of debt, you want your money to actually help the cause you are putting it towards. Based off the numbers on Coalition for children, youth, and families they would be a good organization to donate to and our money would be put to good use.

Week 3 Blog

It was kinda hard to create these things because you don’t know exactly what you want right away but the more I thought about it the more ideas came into my head and I got a start on what we are trying to do. I think what we are doing as a class is important and we need to help  these organizations make the world a better place. While reaching out to our organizations I think we will get a lot of people to talk to but only a couple will come in. The organizations who need the donations to help the kids will want to come in even if they are busy, but I think we will have a successful week.

Week 2 Blog

I learned a lot about what people like to do on their free time and what they care about in their life. I learned that my classmates and I care a lot about the same things and we all have a lot of the same values. The brown paper bag activity was a new and exciting thing for all of us. We are going to sell Jelly Beans after spring break for Easter and hope to make a lot of money from that and we are also looking for more fundraisers to do after that.

week 3 TR

We have a lot of ideas on how we are going to get money to donate for example sell some bracelets and other items similar to that.  Some challenges about working in groups is that not all of us know each other and don’t want to talk to people we don’t know.  People thought it was very interesting and would want to try it out of they wanted to donate.

Week 3 Luke Moris

Our group created purpose, mission, and vision by donating to veterans and honor them by giving back to them because they deserve it. It is important to donate to them because we wouldn’t have what we have today, and the least we can do is give a little back. Ill expect that I will encounter good communication from our organization. I feel this way because if someone wants to donate money they will make it as easy as possible for you to donate money so that you can help them out. Both of my grandpas have fought in the war so it is important for me to give back.

week 2

I learned a lot about what they like to do and what peoples hobbies are. We have not decided what our team will be selling yet but we have decided that we are going to donate to childrens hospital.

Week 3- Ashley Krause


Within week three of Main Street Philphranpy, our group started to organize  our thoughts about our project we have been creating. We prepared our material to finalize our main purpose, vision, and mission statement for our fundraising. Along with these properties, we gained to new perspective of relationships between organizations and their goals of  achievement. These perspectives are important because they provide the fundamentals to the general public of your main goal and purpose of your group. My group, Capes4Kids, has developed the main purpose of your fundraising as helping children in need with the vision to help foundations with financial support to succeed mission. Along with finalizing our mission statements in class, we started to reach out to organizations we are interested in funding with our donations. Capes4Kids is expecting our encouragements with other organizations to be the next big step for our mission. Although our mission is hopefully going to succeed, we expect that communicating with other organizations may be challenging but rewarding in the final outcome. Once our group proceeds through these next steps in communicating to the organizations about providing donations, we hope to encounter charities that will provide our group with the resources and information to make the logical choice for dividends of our donations.

Week 3- Erika Bolek

Last week in our small groups we got more in depth with what charities we would like to donate to and what we are going to sell to make this possible. My group, “Capes for kids” are going to donate to Children’s Hospital and possibly Big Brothers, Big Sisters. For fundraising we decided that we will sell Jelly Beans and make coasters/mugs to sell, along with those ideas we also decided we will make friendship bracelets to sell. We would like to donate to Children’s because our mission is to improve the lives of children. While reaching out to Children’s hospital I expect to encounter having a longer conversation with the manager asking him/her questions about their organization and explain to them how my group, “Capes for Kids” would like to help them out to help supply enough material to help kids who are in most need of help.

Week 3 – Brad Buechel

In our third week of Main Street Philanthropy, we created our Purpose, Vision and Mission statements. They took a lot of thought, because your answers are what is supposed to help guide you throughout the class this trimester. They are important because they help you set goals for the class and have something to achieve. Overall so far we have had a pretty successful fundraiser, and the next step is reaching out to our donation place and figuring out a time and place to meet. I think when we reach out, the organizations will be grateful we contacted them. Personally, I am also reaching out to other small businesses to see if they would be willing to donate as well to our charity.

Week 3- Faton Elmazi

This week in class we created Purpose, Vision, and Mission statements for our fundraiser and organization. Our Purpose, Vision, and Mission statement is we are going to help children in our community that are less fortunate. These are important because they keep your mind on task and always on the right way. In class this week I did a mock call with Mrs. Silbernagel to show the class what a call would look and sound like. Then I volunteered to call my teams organization on the phone. We called Jay Fischer at Boys and Girls club of Washington county. We spoke and I asked him to come to the informational meeting and he agreed. We have to reach 1 or 2 more organizations so that we have options as who we want to possibly donate money to.