Abby Baumann week 1 blog

The first week was interesting. We got to learn about what philanthropy means, which means the love of human kind. We also got to use MAD cards which represents make a difference. With these cards we will be split up into groups depending on what top three we picked, to analyze organisations in our groups. I am excited to help other organisations as well as learning about leadership throughout this experience.

Josie Baker WEEK 1

The first week was pretty fun. We got to learn about what philanthropy stands for, and it stands for love and human kind. We also got to learn and use what MAD cards are and they stand for Make A Difference. We all picked out three cards that mean the most to use and it will later on ( next week) put us into groups with people that have similar interests. Am I enthusiastic about learning more about the MAD cards and how my peers and I can actually make a difference in this classroom.

Week one, Dylan Maechtle

I learned a lot about the MAD cards. I learned that its really hard to pick 3 things you like out of 21 cards. Also I’m surprised to see what my partner and I picked out of the MAD cards. I learned that everybody was different. I hope to become a more consistent leader and to become a more stronger leader.

Week 1: Trevor Degnitz

This week we learned about philanthropy, which means love of the human kind. For our first activity we used MAD cards or Made A Difference Cards to take a look at all the real life problems. We chose three real life problems and gave our opinion on why we would help them out of six additional cards that we chose prior to. My top three choices that I chose was Veterans and service personal, Hospitals and medical care, and Environmental protection. I chose these three topics because I feel like they are most important to me and how I feel towards things. They all need to be in some way or form fixed and helped to give back, and help everyone realize that there are people struggling and need our help. From this activity I learned that philanthropy is all in it for us, to make everyone happy. For myself I saw the deeper meaning of why there are places for these things to donate. Giving to those who need it will make you feel better as a person. Overall, I hope to gain the reasoning of philanthropy, and why it should be well known as a society, and give the opportunity to donate through our class. 

Week 1-Maisie Osuski

Today we learned about what philanthropy means which is basically love of the human kind. At first when I heard the word I expected it to be about money and only applied to very wealthy people, but it turns out its the complete opposite. After a class discussion about the definition of philanthropy we went into groups of 2-3 people and did an activity. Each group got “MAD cards” and we had to pick 6 cards each and then pick our 3 favorite ones that we actually care about. We then wrote down in our books reasons why we picked the ones we did and elaborated with our group members on our top 3 picks.

Week 1- Brianna Croker

While using the MAD cards I realized that there are a lot more problems in the world than I thought there was. It was so eye opening that I haven’t realized any of this was a problem, it kind of made me sad that I never really payed attention to large issues. The issues make me want to make a difference in some type of way not matter how big or how small it is.

Week 1 – Megan Johnson

For the first week, I learned that philanthropy isn´t about money, but about the love of human kind. We used the (MAD) Make A Difference cards and that really opened my eyes to how many charities there are to aid in the problems there are in the world. It also opened my eyes and showed me more than there was. I knew there are things wrong all over the world, but I never really think about them in depth. I think that since we aren´t really affected by these problems that we don´t acknowledge or do anything to stop them. But I know this class will help me and everyone else to make at least a little change for the things we care about. I also became aware that there are more than just the little things we worry about and that giving just a little to someone every once in a while can make a huge difference.

Week 1 – Emma Laubenstein

Using the (MAD) Make a Difference Cards really opened my eyes to how many problems that we don’t realize there are on a regular basis. The problems in this world are bigger than just what color your nails are or who your partner will be in school. There are real life problems of animals being abandoned in hurricanes and being neglected. There are hundreds upon hundreds of people starving. These problems need to be fixed and something needs to change. Understanding all of this, we learned about philanthropy. We learned how giving donations to organizations that will help these real life, serious problems doesn’t only help these organizations with money, but it is a way to show gratitude and love towards humankind.

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