week 8

Our group decided on what organization we are going to donate to. Our group had a hard time agreeing to who we are going to donate to. We based it off of who needs to the money the most. Our group is looking forward to presenting the check to puppy land. We are excited to see their reactions and are hoping they are great full with the decision we made into donating to them.

week 6 and 7

These past two weeks have been a fun learning experience. We asked organizations about how they make money and what they do to get there word out. I thought it was cool to have them take the time to come into our class and give us facts about there organizations. Having them talk about there organizations makes me think that they give up a lot of there time, effort, and dedication. Its nice to see that there are good people in the world and that they want to make this world a different place.

Week 10 Sam schultz

I’ll remember how we got to meet with all the charity and how happy the charity was for our donation. I feel better about donating to charity because i had no clue how to even donate but now I do and I feel like when I get enough money I will donate. Yes, I feel like when I have enough money ill donate money because of how happy they were to receive the money. I will mention this in my college application and yes I think it will make me better.

Sam Schultz week 9

It felt good to deliver the check to our charity they seemed very happy and thankful. I will remember how the kid with the disability came into the bike shop to go get fitted on his new bike and he was super happy and we took a picture with him.

Sam Schultz week 8

We are thinking of donating to variety. We don’t know how much we will be donating yet because we haven’t done any fundraising yet. I think our group is very good at making decisions together and we make teamwork very easy. We will decide very soon and not much disagreement yet

Sam Schultz week 6

I realized that all of the panel speakers that came to the discussion were very passionate about the organizations they came to represent and teach our class about. After they had talked to our class, I still think I will stick with the same path fundraising wise. Since I have started fundraising, I have recognized that, because I am putting a lot of effort into raising money, I want to be 100% sure about the organization that I am donating to. I want to make sure that they really care about their charity and will put the money my group gives to them to good use.

sam schultz week 5

I learned fundraising and all-around profits of companies. I learned how they somewhat manage their money and how organized and big of a company they are and are becoming. I see more value towards qualitative due to the respectfulness of the workers and how they choose to communicate with people. I’m finding it easy to evaluate nonprofit organizations, but it’s more difficult to get a hold of the company and find out for information about them.

sam schultz week 4

I learned that variety is a great organization with a great program, management, and fundraising ratio. It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment to be aware of the quality of the organization that you are donating and giving too. I learned that their sustainability is at a 1 so it’s not great in that certain area but the others are 3’s.

Sam schultz week 7

The overall giving experience has had its ups and downs for me. At first, it was difficult to get in contact with a charity but as a group, we have gotten a hold of a couple. Hopefully, we can finish our fundraising process smoothly and find a good charity. I’m not sure if our group is ready to make a final decision because we don’t know how much money we will raise.

toree ralph

I will remember that it doesn’t matter how much it is you donate, anything helps. That I might donate some of my money down the road if I’m rich. Yes and no because if I’m rich I will and if I’m not that rich I wont. I don’t think I will use it that much but I will keep it in the back of my mind. I don’t think this MSP will define me and if I don’t use it, I feel like i learned alot about fundraising and the benefits and appreciation of money to someone, it is very heart warming to see