Week 10- Holly Henk

The thing that I will remember most from Main Street Philanthropy is the panel discussions. It gave us a chance to learn about many different organizations out there and the struggles they face. After going through this program I feel like when I’m older and when I have a stable income, I will be more likely to give to other organizations, other than the ones I see at checkouts and at the doors of stores. I might even consider doing volunteer hours to just help others, not just to get service hours in. When I have to apply to certain colleges I will most definitely use this experience to my benefit. It is such an amazing thing that we went through and it looks very good on college applications. When I signed up for;leadership I didn’t realize I’d be gaining so much more than just a credit, it also made me a better person. Overall this class has benefited me in many ways and I’m glad to have participated in this class.

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