Week 8- Lauren Sielski

Our group decided it would best to donate to a local business. After having the Kewaskum Food Pantry come into the class and talk during the panel discussion, I thought it would be perfect for us to donate our money to them. They had a great high score for their 990 tax form, and put their time towards a cause that our group, Pack the Pantry, believes in. It was hard to work in a group where everyone had to take the bus home, did not have drivers license, and are Sophomores who didn’t have jobs. Under our circumstances, we did really well to be able to fundraise over $300. ¬†Also, many of us disagree on things, so it took us longer to pick an organization to do a fundraiser with. We were able to understand each others opinions and work it out, making compromises when needed. Overall, we all were able to get along for the most part, and all have a consensus to donate to a non-profit that does good within the community.

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