Week 7- Natalie Krueger

I thought that the woman from Open Sky was really good. She was very passionate about her cause and had a lot to say. Also, the man from the American Legion was good. He himself was a veteran, and he was super into the fundraising ideas and I liked what he had to say. One woman mentioned that what you do in school or go to college for may not be what your future job may be. I found that interesting because when we go into college, we expect to have a job in that same field, which does not always happen. She said to just follow what you are passionate about and  see where it take you. I think that that is very good advice. What I am learning from the fundraiser is that you must be prepared in case things do not go as planned. Also, you should plan ahead and start fundraising wayyyyyy before the deadline so you can make as much money as possible.

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