Week 8 – Nicholas Goettl

Well, for my group to decide what group we wanted to donate to, we looked up local businesses who shared our interests in protecting/preserving the environment. Out of the four or five organizations that we started with, we ended with trying to decide between two of them, Riveredge Nature Center (RNC) and the¬†Kewaskum Athletic Association (KAA). Due to the fact that only RNC showed up to the board panel discussion, we knew the most about them and decided to only donate our $190.10 to them. Working in this group environment has been enlightening to what it is really like to work with a team because we had pressure to raise money which is important. Rather than other group activities where the goal isn’t that important, having to raise money made me want to help the group more. I found it hard at times because of the group communication but we all pulled through in the end and actually raised a surprising amount from each person in our group. At the start we had a pretty hard time making decisions as a group and agreeing upon things but I feel like the farther we went, the more we got to know each other which made it easier to make decisions that would accommodate everyone’s ideas in the group.

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