Week 8 – Tina Bolek

As a team, we all decided to donate our money to Open Sky Education. It was a unanimous decision. I think we decided this because they have a really good cause and mission. When Zach came in for the panel discussion, he was very nice and gave us some really nice statistics. That was very impressive, and helped us decide that we would donate to them, rather than the other organization we had previously invited in. We are giving all the money we raised to Open Sky, and not splitting it up among other organizations. I think that it’s pretty easy to work in a group if the people you are working with all get along. Our group does, which is good, even though two of us are doing most of the work. We haven’t really had any disagreement, so it’s been smooth that way and we haven’t had to argue over anything. I think it will be interesting delivering money to some of the organizations other groups picked. I think the people will be very grateful and excited.

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