Week 8 – Ashley Trapp

This week we talked about who want to donate our money to now that our money has been due. Our group, Leaders for Learners, have decided that we want to donate our money to Open Sky Education which is out of Milwaukee. We have raised around $250 and we are very proud of our work. Both of our events that we held were very successful even through the difficulties of receiving the money. Through all of the struggles it has taught us how to be patient and to control our temper. My group and I are very confident in who we are giving our money to because when their representative came in, he gave us some very interesting fact that led us towards donating to them. The number one interesting fact was; 100% of their students get into college. For the most part our group worked together and we decided on the same things most of the time. I believe that this Leadership opportunity will impact my future on becoming a better leader.

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