Week 7- Holly Henk

This week’s panel discussion went really well. We had 7 people come in for it and I’d say that most of them did a spectacular job. Our group had Zach from Open Sky come in this time. Zach shared some really impressive things with the class like that in the last seven years 100% of their students have gotten accepted into a college. Another organization that appeals to our cause was Big Brothers Big Sisters. They help many children and teenagers get through the tough times in life and they create great bonds with the adults. As of right now, my group is leaning towards the decision of Open Sky because of all the success and the money that we donate will probably be going towards opening a new school. For our fundraiser we had our second night at the Chocolate Factory. We also finally heard back from Buffalo Wild Wings and they told us the amount that we made. Right now we are hoping to do another night at the Chocolate Factory before we have to turn in our money.

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