Abigail Drewitz – 8

Our group wanted to give the money to an organization that was local. We found the Washington County humane society and figured that they were the best fit. We wanted a humane society that helped animals out the best they could. The society had a lot of good programs for helping animals and wanted to expand. They had a lot of animals that they are helping and they need more room for more. We figured that out donation would help them do that.

Week 8 – Abigail Drewitz

My team decided to donate to some animal involved organization considering that was what our group was about and our interest was. We determined the amount because we liked the organization we  were donating to and wanted to help them out as best as we can.

My experience has been good working with the group, I learned how to involve myself and to state my opinion on things. We always usually agree on things and if there is a disagreement we always work it out as best as we can.

Week 6 – Abigail Drewitz

With the panel discussion I got to learn a lot about non-profit organizations. Someone organizations were just all volunteers and some as most volunteers and only a few employees. It shocked me with how much money some organizations need, sometimes they don’t have enough to go to their full potential as an organization. After listening to them I want to make sure that I pick a good group to give the donation to.

Through my fundraising experience I learned that you can always help organizations. It can either be a fundraiser and you donate the money or it can just be donating your time.

Week 5 – Abigail Drewitz

For our group we can’t just pick a random organization and give them money, we have to do our research and make sure that they are fit for a donation. We used guide star and looked at their 990 and using the pages from our Main Street Philanthropy book we were able to give them a score. Since everyone in our group did an organization we looked at the organization with the best score.

Week 4 – Abigail Drewitz

Everyone in our group went a found a non-profit charity and we all did our research. We picked out Puppyland as one of the organizations that we could possibly donate to and we gave them a call. We also gave Saukville and Washington County a call are we are trying to set up the panel discussions. Our group decided that we will be selling wrist bands and hope to meet the goal of raising around $250.

Week 2 – Abigail Drewitz

With the brown paper bag activity I saw that everyone has different things that mean a lot to them. Some thing maybe involve a memory or a person. It was cool to see that I have some things in common with the other people in my group.

Week 1 – Abigail Drewitz

It was hard to pick 3 cards because there was quite a few that I would care about and would like to change. After picking my 3 I really learned on what I wanted to help with. When I saw my friends or people next to me picked I saw that some picked a few of the same cards as me and some picked totally different things, its interesting to see what everyone is interested in.

I hope to gain understanding and realize what I cant do to help.

Week 3 – Abigail Drewitz

My experience in making the 3 statement require a lot of thinking. It took a lot of communication from my group as well with each other to think  and come up with what our goals are for the project. It was hard to make a different goals for each statement, as some goals can go for  statements. They are important because it got the group thinking about what we are doing and how we are gonna do it.

I expect to see a lot of organizations interested in what we are doing and willing to do more. They will probably be impressed with just high schools students in groups do this. I hope that everyone find the organization that they feel would be the right fit for the donations.