Week 6 – Ismael C

I learned a few things from the leaders that came in. One of the things that surprised me is the amount of meals 1 million dollars can make. What really shocked me was that in order for the meals to be distributed evenly, someone abroad needs to be found. That’s a risk when dealing with someones meals, it can mean the life or death of someone. World Hunger relief can only do so much to make sure the food gets to its destination, so that’s one of the flaws I noticed. Will all of our effort just disappear, should we decide to donate to them? Our group will continue to further research other organizations.

Week – 5 Ismael Camarillo

Well when it comes to investing, you have to evaluate in detail the company. Must research things like how efficient the company is in using the money donated, how much goes to the cause etc. Both methods for evaluating a company work well. We’ve already decided on the non-profit organization we want to donate too.

Week 3 – Ismael

Well as a group we have clear what we want to do. We want to lower hunger in our community by raising money to possibly donate to the food pantry. Our vision is to help lower the hunger rate in our community. We’ve begun to decide on which dates is most convenient for all of us to help out with a rummage sale we have planned. That’s part of our mission statement. For our mission statement we have gather products, organize the event, spread the word, sell/collect money, and finally donate for a good cause. When reaching out to organizations I expect to get some good feedback form these organizations. Most non-profit organizations will take any help they can get. I expect also to have someone want to speak about there cause and organization in our school.

Week 2 – Ismael

Well I learned that for some of my peers, friendship and family related objects matter most. For me it’s the same, family and friends come first. Others enjoyed sports. They brought in objects that are related to the sport they enjoy. As for me, I enjoy music more than sports. I’ll still do sports and enjoy watching, but I’d rather be relaxing. Our group wants to help raise money so we could help an organization that will help fight the worlds major problem, hunger. We have ideas on how we can earn money. Our plan is almost out of “beta” stage and we will discuss on which days we could possibly work together as a team.

Week 1 – Ismael C.

When we had to choose 6 of the MAD cards. It was pretty difficult because you had to really think about the things that matter most to you. A few of the cards would help a certain group of people, not the majority. For example the card for Elder care would help greatly with the seniors in our community, and of course the family members. The Elder care would only help that group, and what matters most to me is that everyone gets help. For example, food would help everyone regardless of age, gender and race. I had to choose cards that would help people with the basic needs. Such as food and shelter. What I learned most about myself is that I would rather have everyone get benefited rather than a specific age group. What I learned about my partner is that since the majority of her family would be benefited, rather than the entire population. What I hope I can get out of main street is get a better insight on how I can become a better philanthropist. Also help make a positive impact on the people around me, as well as my community.