Week 7 – Kenzell

This week we had another Panel discussion. It was interesting because we had 7 different organizations here. It was cool hearing from everyone and their experiences. My group “Be Pawsitive” brought in Andrea Swanson from the Humane Society in Saukville, Ozaukee Campus. I liked how everyone was giving us advice for the future. It showed they really care about education and that they are passionate about their jobs. It was cool to hear that they might have lost their way but they all seemed really passionate about their jobs and liked where they are at right now.

Week 6 – Kenzell

This week we had a panel discussion. Different organizations came in and talked about what their company does and how we could help them. It was cool hearing from different people and different organizations. They all were non profit organizations. The organization my group brought in was the Washington County Humane Society. It was very informative to hear how they could use our help and what they plan to do in the future.

Week 3 – Kenzell

This week we went over some charities we want to pick to donate to. Luke from my group made a phone call to Puppyland in West Bend but they haven’t called me back yet. I think they don’t know if it is serious because Luke started laughing probably because he was nervous about the call. We are still working on calling and inviting organizations to the Panel meeting. My group want to sell wrist bands around the school and our community. We hope to raise over $250 for a non profit organization

Week 2 – Kenzell

This week I learned that me and the people in my group have a common interest of animals. We all like to care for animals and we all have pets. It was cool to see that I have stuff in common with people I don’t talk to on a daily bases. Our group has a hard time agreeing on things but in the end we find a way to solve it out and make sure everyone is heard.

Week 1 – Kenzell

For me, I had a hard time picking just three cards. I learned that I care a lot about different topics. For others they didn’t seem to have the same cards I picked. It’s cool to think that I can still be friends with someone who has totally different opinions and interests than me. I found myself picking the culture and civil rights one most important. My culture is very important to me and I am very proud of who I am. I hope to get a better understanding of what the program actually is and what we can do outside of this class to keep it going.