Week 6- Travis Block

I took a lot out from the panel discussion as in what non-profit organizations are really about. I found out that some organizations have it very easy to get volunteers and donations to help their organization succeed. And then there is some who need more volunteers, more donations and just about everything to help them get bigger and succeed as well as the other organizations. One of our main challenges is setting up who is doing what and when. We overcoming this by finding out what our group members schedule outside of school looks like. Our biggest challenge in our fundraiser is figuring out how we are going to do our coin drive. One of our successes is that I’m pretty sure we figured out how we are gonna do our go-fund me page. Overall my experience is that it takes time to set everything up and it takes dedication to do.

Week 5- Travis Block

A good and one of the best ways to determine if a company is good, is to evaluate their 990 form. You could also contact the company by email or phone. I think talking to them over phone is the best method just because we cant actually talk to someone that works at the organization instead of just looking at numbers. I find it difficult because of the fact that some non-profit organizations don’t have 990 forms available for us to see. And the 990 form has all the most accurate information you can find out about the company in terms of numbers.

Week 04- Travis Block

We are just figuring out who is gonna be calling American legion and talking about how were we going to get our fundraising started. its important to know the numbers of your organization because if they have low and not so good numbers, you might wanna keep searching. You want and organization who has high and positive numbers cause that shows that they have a good past and are not looking down. It also gives a range to shoot for as far as the fundraising goal goes. If they have high numbers, maybe we don’t wanna go for a high target because they don’t really need it.

Week 03- Travis Block

I think our group did well with the statements and we figured out what our statements were and i think we have it thought out pretty well. These important because in a way they are kinda like goals. And we set goals so we have something we are striving for. The purpose is what we are aiming for and what we want to achieve. The vision is how we see ourselves succeeding and how we will do it. And our overall mission is the goal we are trying to achieve. I expect us to face some challenges when we call places to ask them for our help. But i also expect it to be a lot of fun for the experience.

Week #02: Travis Block

I learned that everyone in my group all like different type of hobbies. One person loves ice cream and is part of FFA. Another person is a very big hunter and. And the last person loves to play soccer. One thing we had in common is that we all enjoy listening to music. Me and one guy also both liked collecting shoes. Our team’s interest was veterans and we will be holding a coin drive and a donation page. We will put up a facebook page and get family and friends to try to donate to it and we will run it to the end of the trimester. Hopefully people can donate spare change to help a good cause