Week 8 – Eliah Wolff

Picking out the organization for our team was a pretty easy decision, coming to a vote that was 4-1. We thought that the money would be better put to use with the place we ended up donating to. Nobody in out group really disagrees with each other so there wasn’t any conflict we had to overcome. I thought it was pretty easy working with my group who were all great people that worked hard on the fundraising and never got in arguments.

week 7 – eliah wolff

I learned from the panel discussion that everybody is very determined and they care a lot of the organizations they run. Nothing really surprised me with the responses because they all pretty much had the same overall goal. Some of them were looking for expansion while other were wanting more volunteers but still they were all really similar in their goals. We are learning from our fundraising that it is good to have follow up calls and to check in with the people who are hosting us.

Eliah wolff – week 6

I learned that running a charity can be a hard thing which envolves a lot of people and a lot of hard work. Almost everyone from the panel had one thing that they needed that would really help people with their organization. I also learned that it takes leaders to run these charities as everyone that came to the panel seemed like a good role model. I dont know what they said that might help in my project but if anything did change it would be for the better. I am learning that it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of follow up calls to keep your fundraiser going.

Eliah Wolff – week 5

I’m learning that for an investment to be a good investment you have to evaluate the company and find things that might make you not want to invest. I am learning that it is easier to evaluate non-profit causes because their number are usually better because they dont have to pay their employees. They also can use the money for better stuff sense they will be getting more money.

Eliah wolff – week 4

We learned that the point of our organization was to help kids get the best education they can. If a child doesn’t get an education then things might not be good for the kids future in the work force. Our organizations are trying to make the children’s future a bright future and that is very important to us. It is important to look at the number before making an investment so then you know that your money is going where you think it is going. When we looked at the tax returns we learned that all of them have pretty good tax returns.

week 3 – eliah wolff

The experience when creating mission statements was pretty good even though at times it was hard to know what i was going to put down. As a group i think we made a pretty good one that everyone could agree with. I think that when we contact people who we might donate to, it will be a pretty good experience because i feel like people would want to help support our cause. We havn’t contacted any of them yet but we plan to do so soon.

week 2- Eliah Wolff

The brown paper bag thing was an interesting way to learn about people in my opinion. We were all able to learn thing such as what sports we liked and also what colleges people were planning to go to. We also learned about peoples personality with things that they presented to our group. For our organizations my group is going to do will include asking multiple companies to help out with it. This can includes maybe asking their customers to round up to the nearest dollar and then that going to the charity. It will also include us asking them to put a jar out for people to donate for our charity we are representing. In conclusion i think that the paper bag was a success and also the ways we will be fundraising.

week 1 – Eliah

The thing i realized with the MAD cards is i don’t usually think of all the organizations that are out there and only focus on a couple of them. I think it is important to try to remember each one and not let a couple of them get way more important than others. If everyone just focused on one thing then not much would happen in this world. I think its important to try to remember all of the organizations we can help out with and then take action in helping with them. However it is a good thing that everyone thinks differently and so if one organization doesn’t interest you, then hopefully there will be someone else out there who does care a lot about it. I think its also good to see how good each organization helps out a lot in this world.