Week 8 – Evelyn Beschta

For this week we determined which organization would be best for our investment. We narrowed the list down to a few and choose the person who came in to our discussion. Because the other organizations we contacted they did not respond, and the kewaskum american legion toke their time out of their day to come and talk to us about their charity. My experience has been good working with people that are not friends. Its getting easier by each week because im getting to know them and its not as nerve racking then when we first were put in groups. Otherwise my group is very well at agreeing on things which makes the project a whole lot easier. We never have disagreements and if we do it is solved and nobody’s feelings are hurt because it is a decision we all agree upon.

Week 7- Evelyn Beschta

I learned from the non-profit leaders that a lot of the organizations have a lot of sponsorship. I learned that all of the organizations was mostly in their background and thats why they had such a huge passion for what they do. Most of their responses were relatable with the other organizations. I was surprised by one organization who said she took an opportunity because she had nothing else to lose and now she really enjoys what she does today. In my fundraiser i will include more of a personal description of why we are raising money because that has a bigger impact and draws more attention to people. Im learning from my fundraiser experience that its not as easy to collect money for a good cause then it is just selling products.

Week 6- Evelyn

I learned from the non- profit organizations leaders that a lot of organization are scrambling for help and others are beyond financially okay. I learned that volunteer organizations really do have as much passion for there field of interest vs organization who have paid employees. I was surprised by some responses that we received because some leaders didn’t have any approximate estimate of the total of expenses. In my lifetime I think it would be really cool if i was financially okay, that on my free time i would be able to give back to an organization i had a strong interest in.

Week 5- Evelyn Beschta

The various ways to evaluate an investment in a company is by looking up a 990 form or simply contacting the organization by email or phone. I see more value in the form if its available because then you know the information is accurate. Im finding it more difficult to evaluate non-profit organizations for a potential investments in their cause because most charity’s that are topic is on doesn’t have online accessibility for such things as contact or 990 forms.

Week 4- Evelyn

Week 3- Evelyn

My experience with creating my purpose, vision, and mission statements made me rethink how to set goal for myself. It brought a new perspective to me about future goals i would like to set for myself. I think they are important because without thinking through and picking out the important parts in what you want to achieve it wont happen. The more you think about the goal the more you are aware of what you have to do to achieve that goal. I expect some declines when reaching out to organizations this week or some questions being fired back at me on why we chose them as an organization.

Week 2- Evelyn Beschta

I learned  how I best describe myself on what hobbies I like most. I learned that the things I enjoy even though I dont do the hobby everyday I still consider myself that type of person. I learned about my classmates what they like to do and why they like to do those things. I learned about there personality and how they perceive themselves. Our team fund raiser will be a go fund me page on Facebook and there will be a date where we post it and then we will just allow people to keep donating until the time frame is up.

Week 1 Evelyn Beschta

I learned through the process of using those MAD cards that there are a lot more organizations that need to be helped. I didn’t realize how many other charities were just as important as some other ones. For me it was hard to depict which ones were more deserving. But i just choose the ones that interest me the most to learn about. Most of the organizations lack advertising and importance to others which makes it sad because every charity is to help something and that means just as much as any other organization. I think sponsors don’t get enough attention for the charities they try to represent because us Americans are so used to seeing these logos we don’t see the importance behind them. I hope to gain more information on the fundraising process and benefits it does to the community. I hope I can become more educated on how to fund raise for an organization that im interested in.

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