Week 8- Brooke Weiss

For week 8 we decided that we are donating to Stars and Stripes( Honor Flight). We ended up raising a total of $650 but we also had to buy t-shirts so our total went down to $450. We raised the most money out of everyone else. We did cash donations and t-shirt sale on facebook. I didn’t think we were gonna raise as much money as we did. We still need people to pay us back but once they do we will be all set.  We handed in all of our money though. We can’t wait to give the Veterans all the money we raised!

Week 7- Brooke Weiss

This past week, we had VFW- West Bend come in. We learned a lot more about the organization. They do the 21 gun salute and the poppy flowers to sell. They try and help with honor flight too and sending veterans to Washington DC. I learned more about other organizations also. We haven’t decided yet what organization were doing yet but we have raised $468 already with t-shirts and cash donations. We still are going to do another fundraiser idea like maybe a bracelet or bake sale. We are really proud though of the money we raised so far. Hopefully we can break a record.

Week 6- Brooke Weiss

I learned about each organization in better detail. I didn’t really know about any of them in much detail but I realized what they all do to help. Also how much money gets donated, how they need volunteers, how they are super excited for donations, and more. Some of their responses surprised me like when the food organization for hunger talked about how many packets they can send with $1 million dollars. Also about how many people volunteer at Flight For Life. I will make sure we raise enough money as we can so we can really help others out there. I am learning that you got to really put your name out there in order to raise the money you need. You need to work really hard but at the end of the day it’s worth it, it’s worth helping people.

Week 5- Brooke W

We are learning ways to evaluate money and invest in our charity. We have to put our money together to have a successful charity. The more we fundraiser, the more money we earn. We are finding it a little more difficult to do non-profit because we have to buy our own supplies and everything and we can’t get our money back. If it was profitable, then we could get some money back. This past week we were talking more about our charities and when they were coming in. We have Honor Flight coming Thursday, October 18th. We are very excited for them to come! We also called a VFW of West Bend but we are not sure if they are coming in or not. They never answered our email yet.

Week 4- Brooke W

This past week I learned more about organization and how to start all of this fundraising. We all learned to how to fill out a 990 form, how to go through it step by step. We also talked more about how much we wanna raise and how much it’s gonna cost for us to buy everything. It is important to see your money before is because you gotta have enough money to be able to start. You gotta make sure you don’t get in debt and have enough money set aside.

Week 3- Brooke Weiss

My mission statement is,” I want to be able to help others but also love myself. I wanna make a difference for others and make my life the best life.” This is explaining how much I wanna make a difference and make others happy. I want to make a change in others lives. But at the same time, I wanna make myself happy. I wanna strive to be my best and be as confident as I can be. Once I reach full confidence and full of love in myself, that will be the right time to start to really try to make a change in others lives. You have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else.

I hope the organizations are happy about us calling. I hope we make the veterans smile and make their day a little better. I hope they come in and talk to the class. I just really hope it makes them happy.

Week 2- Brooke Weiss

I learned about my group more with the brown paper bag. Most of our group had at least 1 thing to do with family. Family does mean a lot to me and the others. I learned that Claire loves her brother & traveling, Hailey loves her family and playing volleyball, and Max loves playing basketball and going all over to play. It was great learning about them because I only knew one person pretty good.We decided to choose to help veterans. We haven’t decided on what organization were doing yet. but we got a bunch in mind. We are going to try to raise money by a go fund me, bake sale, and making braclets. We think these will work best by raising the most money and we’re going to do it in popular areas with a lot of people. We all can’t wait to get started!

Week 1- Brooke

Deciding on the cards was actually pretty hard. There were so many important ones to choose from but you could only pick 3 at the end. There were different perspectives you could view it on. Some people picked the ones that people maybe don’t think about or care as much about. Some picked ones that were still pretty important but many people already knew about and maybe donated. I learned that I care about the ones that mean the most to me or have purpose. I had a connection with every card I chose. I learned how everyone thinks and decides on what to chose. It describes their personality and how they feel towards every card. I hope I learn about more charities I didn’t know about and help them out more.

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