Week 7- Claire Schlieter

Overall I think that raising money so far has been running smoothly. We have raised over $400 dollars in tee shirt funds and cash donations. I do think that we need to start ordering shirts so people are satisfied with us and are glad that they donated. I think our group is ready to make a final decision about where we would like to donate, they really stood out to us and they were very professional.

Week 5- Claire Schlieter

We look at the qualitative analysis, also something that helps us chose the organization that we would like to pick to help raise money is the management ratio. We like to us this one because the money that we raise we want it to go almost directly right to the people who need it, we don’t want our money  to go to administration or other people salaries.


I think that it is hard to evaluate non-profit organizations because I want to help make every organization successful in their own way. There is so many amazing organizations to choose from and eliminating them is a difficult task for my group members and I.

Week 4- Claire Schlieter

I learned that the mission of Stars and Stripes Honor Flight is to honor all veterans by flying WWII, Korean, and Vietnam war veterans, as well as terminally ill veterans from other conflicts, to Washington, DC to visit their memorials. I think this this is an amazing idea and that no they aren’t “helping” them they are rewarding them for a service that could never be repaid.

Its important to look at the numbers before making investment to know the company’s worth, to make sure they have a solid management team (they are well organized and kind to others that may have questions or what to know more about the organization), and if they show growth or they’ve grown in their organization and showing that they would like to expand or why they want to remain the same. There program ratio is higher, which is good their ratio of 94%.

Week 3- Claire Schlieter

My mission statement is , “I want to thrive everyday and I want to go into each day with a positive attitude no matter how yesterday went, because it is a new day. One of my things I tell myself is, “here comes the sun” after every storm the sun come out of the clouds.” To me I needed to think a little bit about how I struggle or how I want to become a better person.

I think that my organization will be very happy we reached out to them and showed interest in their organization and that we want to help them, and raise money for their benefit. Soldiers are often forgotten once they are back on U.S soil and it is hard to make ends meet, they have done everything for our country so we need to thank them in some way or somehow. The money that we will raise will help to better veterans life’s

Week 2- Claire Schlieter

I learned that family was all super important to all of  my group members and that we all have similar values. We all appreciate and love sports. Hailey loves volleyball, she plays club. Brooke loves to hunt and snowmobile, up in Michigan. Maxine loves to play basketball and loves to travel for it.


My group has decided that we want to make beaded bracelets that have words on them like “vets”, “merica”, and “USA”. Then we would sell them at lunch or at sport events. Our other idea was that we would also have a bake sale and sell the goodies at lunch. We would post it in the announcements that students should bring money. Those are our two main ideas that would bring us our donations.

Week 1 – Claire

I was a little surprised at how many categories there are, I think that so many people focus on one organization or category that is important to them, that has touched their life’s. Then deciding on what cards were important was hard because every category needed some type of help. I also feel like every picks similar ones so other cards will be ignored. I hope i gain a better understanding of the struggles that this organizations go through, what kind of help they need and where the money goes to. After people donate their money they don’t know where their money goes or how they even helped. To me I would like a better explanation of where my money goes when I donate. I want to truly be put in someone else’s shoes and feel their struggle.