Week 8- Isaac Rohlinger

Our team decided what group to donate to by listening to them at our panned discussions and then discussing who to donate to. In the end we decided to donate to the Kewaskum American Legion because they are a local group that helps veterans was our common interest. Also we chose to give all our money because we want to help people in our community.

Working in a group was a good experience so we could all pick a roll in the group ans stick to that so we were not getting all mixed up and falling behind. I thought it was easier to work in a group because this was a large project. We commonly agreed on what to and when we did have a disagreement we resolved it quickly so we could move forward.

Week 5- Isaac Rohlinger

I think that filling out the forms and doing all the calculations to find the exact percentages of where the money goes. Then it is easier to make a decision because one will be better than the other.


I think is is difficult to evaluate non profit organizations because not all of them have their forms readily available. If the forms are not available then I cannot evaluate them.

Week 4- Isaac Rohlinger

I learned that to be a part of the American Legion you only had to be a part of one of the 5 branches of the military. While if you want to be a part of the VFW you had to have been deployed overseas in a conflict.


It is important to look into a organization before donating to them because you can find out where your money will go to if you donate to them.

Week 7- Isaac Rohlinger

This week at the panel discussion I learned a lot of information about many non profit organizations. I was surprised by the amount of families that the Kewaskum food pantry has helped they have helped many people in this small community. We will try to raise as much money as we can for the charity of our choice.

I am learning how to raise money and how to donate it properly. Also I learned how to look into charities to see how they spend their money and how much they take in a year.

Week 6- Isaac Rohlinger

I learned that most of these charities are run by volunteers. I was surprised when most of them knew exactly what they would do if they had gotten one million dollars. I will try to volunteer my time sometimes to some charities of my choice.

From this fundraiser I am learning how to create a fundraiser. I am learning the whole process from beginning to end so one day down the road if I would have to I could.

Week 3- Isaac Rohlinger

In creating the mission statement I learned about how and why we create mission statements. This is important so we can set goals within reach of our mission statement and so if I would ever need to create one now I can.
I think we will see people are starting to contact some places they might donate to. Also soon we have our discussion with our charities on the 18th and 25th. We will hear from or talk directly to the charities to see if they would be interested in coming to our discussion.

Week 2- Isaac Rohlinger

I learned that we have a large variety of people in our class and that we have a large variety of interests also. Also I learned that I share some common interests with other people in this class. Many people in this also share the same interests like music and sports.
My teams common interest is veterans and we plan on doing a donations page and a coin drive. We will make a page on Facebook accepting donations and also talking to our friends and family asking if they would like to donate spare change for a good cause. We will start in the next few weeks and run it all the way till the end of this class.

Week 1- Isaac Rohlinger

My experience with the cards has been short so far i think we will be using them again, but in the time I have used them I learned about a lot of charities and where my donations can go. I learned that I am very focused on helping the causes I support and not going to just hand out my money to everyone. Also I learned that many people in this class want to try and help everyone.
I hope to learn how to better myself and learn how to help more people. Also learn how to become a better leader and lead people down the right path.