Week #8 – Lindsey Krebs

This week at Main Street we talked about who our options for charities were, and who we wanted to donate to. Our fundraiser/ group Wonderful Warriors, decided on donating to Honor Flight because they help veterans go see DC, and the guy that came in was very nice and he had interesting facts. My experience with this project group was it was a lot of work and stress but it was fun at the same time. If we would redo this we would maybe collect the money with the orders. Next week I am expecting to go into more detail for finalizing this project.

Week 7-Lindsey Krebs

I learned from the non-profit leaders this week that they have to think about what they like but also what the business needs. A surprising thing from VFW and Kewaskum American legion is that you can be in both and they help out Honor flight. I really didn’t learn anything this week that would change me or the fundraiser. I have learned about the fundraiser is that tshirts are a big hit.

week 6-Lindsey Krebs

This week in Main Street we had a panel discussion. During the panel discussion I learned that most of the organizations have volunteer donations by giving time compared to cash donations. The only surprising thing that I heard is that at the food organization that we has ships out a lot of meals to war countries and once it reaches that country they don’t really know what happens to the food.Since learning this is that I can donate my time to a near y organization.  During fundraising I learned that family is a big supporter in raising money.

week 4- Lindsey Krebs

During this week in  main street, I learned about the organization I looked up was that they give most of their money to management and employers. It is important to look at numbers because you need to see where the money you give goes mostly. Looking at the tax returns showed a lot about the organization making me not want to donate to that organization.

week 2- lindsey krebs

This week I was gone but a friend told me what happened in this class. During the paper bag exercise I learned that people who are friends like the same things, and picking out things for my bag was not that hard. I put in my bag makeup because I like makeup, a painting because I like to paint,  and a       sunglasses because I like summer.For our charity probably VFW or honor flight.

Week 3- Lindsey Krebs

My experience with doing the Purpose, Vision and Mission statements, is that it wasn’t that hard to figure out what we wanted. Our is Veterans, so it’s all about making their lives better and how we can help doing so. These are important because it helps you see the end goal and concept of what we are doing. My expectations while reaching out to organizations this week is that they will be interested with our donations but it’s going to be hard to find the right one.

week one- Lindsey krebs

    In class on Tuesday we used MAD cards. I learned using those cards is that it is hard narrowing it down from 20 to 6. When picking it made me feel like I didn’t care about the rest but the truth is I do it’s just hard picking so I picked the cards that I deal with everyday life. Then after picking 6 you had to pick your top 3 cards. I then based my pick on what I have gone through in my life and services I would have needed to use if needed. While doing this I also thought about other people and how they made their choice and what they based their choice on. Watching my partner do it she made legitimate reasons why on why she picked those cards. In the end I learned that for people to donate money to certain groups it is hard to narrow it down.While doing the Main Street Philanthropy I hope to gain the knowledge that I  need to be a leader and to help others.