week 8- Luke Johnson

For this week in main street philanthropy, we were talking about what we have accomplished so far this trimester. we are nearly at the end of this class, and we have accomplished a lot. the next, and final main street philanthropy, we are taking a field trip. another important thing that we will be doing, is finally donating to the organization we choose.

week 7- Luke Johnson

This last week we had yet, another panel discussion. but this time, we had several people come in for their organizations. they all introduced themselves, which took around a half an hour, then we asked 2 questions, which took up the rest of the hour. I learned, that a lot of the organizations, are spread out throughout the state, and are well known. the organizations were about either animals, hunger, helping people, and veterans.

week 6- Luke Johnson

This week, we had our panel discussion, and 4 organization people came in to talk to us. one was the “boys and girls club”, “Washington county humane society”, “world hunger”, and “honor flight”. They came in and they told us a lot about their foundation, along with us asking them questions. Boys and girls club is about letting boys and girls having a place to go if there parents are busy, something to do, or just to have fun. Washington county humane society is an animal organization to help out those in need. World hunger is a foundation used to give meals to poor people and people who cannot eat. and honor flight is an organization that helps out veterans in a different variety of ways, and also flies them down to Washington D.C at times.

week 5 luke johnson

This week in leadership, “puppy land” has not responded in the matter of about 4 weeks, so we are now calling other organizations. we are calling “Washington county humane society”. and in my opinion, we are getting somewhere. the only thing we have to do, is get in contact with the manager to set up the panel discussion meeting, and to (maybe even) donate to them to help out the animals.

week 4-Luke Johnson

This week, I learned in main street philanthropy, about calling organizations and schedule a panel discussion. so far, we only called once. It was the organization called “puppy land” in Washington county west bend. they havent called back yet. And if they don’t call back soon, were going to have to look for another organization to donate to and schedule a panel discussion.

week 3-luke johnson

My experience in creating purpose, vision, and mission statements is that i thought it was very helpful and it could help me in further experiences in life. its important because you could know what you’re doing.  I expect that the foundations that I would like to know more about will call us back and we can learn more about them and see if their a good organization. (whether to donate to them or not)

week 2- luke johnson

I learned what people like or has value to them, that they are willing to give away. For example, some people like and find money valuable and important, some people enjoy sports, pictures, jewelry, etc…  Now for our team, we will be fundraising for animals in need, or just animals in general. we looked into shalom wildlife, and try to donate their.

week 1 luke johnson

so far, my experience with the MAD cards, wasn’t really a hard decision to make for me, their are things that i care about and some others, i could care less. I know that sounds kind of mean and selfish, but there are things that matter more to me.