Week 8- Kyle Hoeft

We basically decided which organization could use the money more and that who we decided to donate to. It has been fun working in the group. We haven’t had an argument over where to donate because we all agree that the place we are donating to needs it more. Our group wasn’t able to raise any money but with the money that is being split between the groups, we will be giving the money to the saukeville humane society.

Kyle Hoeft- Week 7

We are learning that choosing who to give to is very hard. It is super hard to choose on who to give to because they both deserve the money, but we have to choose between them. Both of them need donations to stay in business. My group is not ready to choose because both of the organizations were really nice and the people that represented the place were really nice. We are leaning toward the Washington County humane society because they need it more than the saukville one. Compared to the Saukville humane society the Washington county one is really junky.

Kyle Hoeft- Week 6

Something that I learned from the panel discussion is what their mission is. The Washington County humane societies mission is to go out of business because then there would be no abandoned animals. It was cool to hear them all talk about what they do in their organization and what it helps. Now that I know what our money is going towards I want to raise more money because the cause is really good. It sound like they all use the donated money wisely and use it to help their organization grow or to just help people or animals live a better life. I think the question about what they would do with a million dollars was cool because they all had really good answers.

Week 5- Kyle Hoeft

The organizations that we looked at all had pretty decent ratings in the qualitative analysis. The qualitative analysis isn’t very fun at all, but it is a necessary thing for donations. As we are contacting organizations we are noticing that they dont agree to come into the classroom right away and that they have to talk to people within their organization. They have not been contacting us back like they said they would and even when we call them multiple times in a week to follow up, they still have to talk to more people. The success that we have with the fundraiser is that many people have said they will buy some wristbands from us. A challenge we have had is that the shipping costs a lot of money and that the delivery takes forever.

Kyle Hoeft- Week 4

After researching about different organizations, I have learned what they are all about. We have only reached out to one organization, and they did not respond. We are planning on talking to the Saukville human society. Tax returns are important when choosing whether or not to donate to that place or not. When thinking about a place to donate to you want to see their tax returns because if they use the money they get wisely or not. If the score of their tax return is 15 that is the best it can be. The score is 1-15 and if it is 15 you know it is a good place to donate to.

Week 3- Kyle Hoeft

My experience was cool because we realized the purpose of our group and what we want to happen. Our purpose is to help support animals in need. When we reach out to organizations I expect them to like that we are going to help the animals. I expect it to be weird to talk on the phone with them because of how hard it was in class to do it. I expect them to want to come into the class to earn our money for the animals. I think we will have two different places come in and we will compare them.

Week 2- Kyle Hoeft

I think that the brown paper bag activity was cool to find out what people in the class and in my group like and whats important to them. I learned that one person has a ring that was important to her and I learned that someone else just liked money and it was important to them. My groups fundraiser will be wristbands with Kewaskum Indians written on the wristband. We will sell them for $1.00 and our goal is to raise $200. It costs $50 for all of the wristbands, so after we sell 50, it will be all profit for donations. Week 2 was interesting and cool to think about something to fundraiser for.

Week 1- Kyle Hoeft

In my experience using the make a difference cards, I realized some charities I didn’t even know existed. I also learned that I cared about some charities more than others. I learned that tanner cared about housing and pet care. I hope to gain more knowledge on charities and how they work. I also am interested in learning leadership qualities and what leaders have compared to other people that are not really leaders. Lastly I am hoping to know more about what main street philanthropy is all about.