Week 8- Isaac Rohlinger

Our team decided what group to donate to by listening to them at our panned discussions and then discussing who to donate to. In the end we decided to donate to the Kewaskum American Legion because they are a local group that helps veterans was our common interest. Also we chose to give all our money because we want to help people in our community.

Working in a group was a good experience so we could all pick a roll in the group ans stick to that so we were not getting all mixed up and falling behind. I thought it was easier to work in a group because this was a large project. We commonly agreed on what to and when we did have a disagreement we resolved it quickly so we could move forward.

Abigail Drewitz – 8

Our group wanted to give the money to an organization that was local. We found the Washington County humane society and figured that they were the best fit. We wanted a humane society that helped animals out the best they could. The society had a lot of good programs for helping animals and wanted to expand. They had a lot of animals that they are helping and they need more room for more. We figured that out donation would help them do that.

Week 8 – Alex Sette

My group and I decided to donate our money to Open Sky Education. We decided this because we were all very impressed with the statistics given at the panel discussions. A couple of things really stood out to us. One was that 100% of their seniors get accepted to college and two that 99% of their students qualify for free lunch. These stats show that Open Sky is doing great things for underprivileged students. We thought that was a great cause to donate to. Overall, I think our fundraiser was a big success. Our group worked well and we ended up raising quite a bit of money.

Week 10- Holly Henk

The thing that I will remember most from Main Street Philanthropy is the panel discussions. It gave us a chance to learn about many different organizations out there and the struggles they face. After going through this program I feel like when I’m older and when I have a stable income, I will be more likely to give to other organizations, other than the ones I see at checkouts and at the doors of stores. I might even consider doing volunteer hours to just help others, not just to get service hours in. When I have to apply to certain colleges I will most definitely use this experience to my benefit. It is such an amazing thing that we went through and it looks very good on college applications. When I signed up for;leadership I didn’t realize I’d be gaining so much more than just a credit, it also made me a better person. Overall this class has benefited me in many ways and I’m glad to have participated in this class.

Week 9- Holly Henk

Delivering the checks to these non-profit organizations was a great experience for me. It made me feel really good knowing that our money is going to a cause that could really need it. I felt really proud that all of us, as a class, raised that money and it was going to help many people. What I will remember most from today is when we went to the food pantry and the lady was talking about how many families come in their to get their food. It amazed me how much our community has done for people in need and I knew that the money that we all gave was just going to help this cause even more. I will also remember how grateful these people were to receive our donations and to see their expressions on their face when we pulled out the big check.

Week 8- Natalie Krueger

My group decided on our organization by figuring out which one would make the most out of the money. We decided that our local food pantry could use the money the most because we are a small town and we may know the people who need the help the food pantry provides. Working in a group is very easy for me when all the members help and try. Having helpful group mates who are willing to throw out ideas and get the creativity flowing. Most of my group agreed and shared the same thoughts except for maybe one member. How we decided to handle the disagreement was to explain ourselves and why we felt what we did and the take a vote on the best decision for the group.

Week 8- Lauren Sielski

Our group decided it would best to donate to a local business. After having the Kewaskum Food Pantry come into the class and talk during the panel discussion, I thought it would be perfect for us to donate our money to them. They had a great high score for their 990 tax form, and put their time towards a cause that our group, Pack the Pantry, believes in. It was hard to work in a group where everyone had to take the bus home, did not have drivers license, and are Sophomores who didn’t have jobs. Under our circumstances, we did really well to be able to fundraise over $300.  Also, many of us disagree on things, so it took us longer to pick an organization to do a fundraiser with. We were able to understand each others opinions and work it out, making compromises when needed. Overall, we all were able to get along for the most part, and all have a consensus to donate to a non-profit that does good within the community.

Week 7- Natalie Krueger

I thought that the woman from Open Sky was really good. She was very passionate about her cause and had a lot to say. Also, the man from the American Legion was good. He himself was a veteran, and he was super into the fundraising ideas and I liked what he had to say. One woman mentioned that what you do in school or go to college for may not be what your future job may be. I found that interesting because when we go into college, we expect to have a job in that same field, which does not always happen. She said to just follow what you are passionate about and  see where it take you. I think that that is very good advice. What I am learning from the fundraiser is that you must be prepared in case things do not go as planned. Also, you should plan ahead and start fundraising wayyyyyy before the deadline so you can make as much money as possible.

Week 7- Lauren Sielski

I learned a lot from the 2nd panel discussion. There was a lot more people at the second than the first. I learned that the Food Pantry has been going for almost 10 years, with the community helping to donate food items and money donations. I felt like I really wanted to donate to a local business after the second panel discussion. I will feel more sympathetic towards people wanting donations, because know I know how hard it is to do a fundraiser. Fundraising can go very well and very badly. I have learned that it is always good to have a backup just in case. Overall, I really thought the 2nd panel discussion was better than the first.

Week 8- Hailey Hasenberg

My team decided by narrowing it down to 2 groups that we really liked, those being VFW of West Bend and Honor Flight. The people that came in for VFW said that they volunteered at Honor Flight so my group decided that it would be similar, sort of, to donate to Honor Flight, because it felt that we were donating to both organizations. Even though, it wasn’t direct.


It was easy working in the group environment because I got along with everyone and they were all easy to deal with. We all made the decision and if someone didn’t like it we would discuss and figure out a happy-medium.