Week 8- Hailey Hasenberg

My team decided by narrowing it down to 2 groups that we really liked, those being VFW of West Bend and Honor Flight. The people that came in for VFW said that they volunteered at Honor Flight so my group decided that it would be similar, sort of, to donate to Honor Flight, because it felt that we were donating to both organizations. Even though, it wasn’t direct.


It was easy working in the group environment because I got along with everyone and they were all easy to deal with. We all made the decision and if someone didn’t like it we would discuss and figure out a happy-medium.

Week 8- Kyle Hoeft

We basically decided which organization could use the money more and that who we decided to donate to. It has been fun working in the group. We haven’t had an argument over where to donate because we all agree that the place we are donating to needs it more. Our group wasn’t able to raise any money but with the money that is being split between the groups, we will be giving the money to the saukeville humane society.

Week 8 – Abigail Drewitz

My team decided to donate to some animal involved organization considering that was what our group was about and our interest was. We determined the amount because we liked the organization we  were donating to and wanted to help them out as best as we can.

My experience has been good working with the group, I learned how to involve myself and to state my opinion on things. We always usually agree on things and if there is a disagreement we always work it out as best as we can.

Week 8- Holly Henk

My team and I reflected on the panel discussions and all the other activities that we did in class to come up with our final choice. We decided that Open Sky Education will receive our donation. We all liked how they handled the panel discussion, they had a better score on 990 forms, and overall we liked the things that they are doing for the children. Most of us in our group came to the conclusion for Open Sky, however one of our group members wanted the other organization to get the money. We handle this by saying majority rules and discussing our options a little further. I really enjoyed working with my group these last few weeks and I have learned so much from the experience. This project has made all of us go outside of our comfort zones and we realized that you need to be reliable and follow through if you are going to do something.This fundraiser has been a great experience so far.

Carlee – Week 8

For my week 8 Blog we decided to donate to River Edge Nature center. We have raised just under $200 by doing things for our neighbors and family. We choose this organization because one of our members knows the organization personally and had volunteered there one summer. We also choose to donate there because the nature center best relates to our group and our cause, our group was raising money to help nature, what better than to donate to a nature center. For me it was easy to work in a group environment because I work well with others and i’m open to any ideas a group has. When we were deciding who to donate to we have some debates but we all agreed on river edge since one of our members has been there.   There wasn’t much of a discussion on our disagreements we agreed pretty easily.

Week 8- Eric Bauer

Well my group’s decision was pretty easy, we decided to donate to River edge Nature Center. They were the only group that could come in and it is pretty local. Their tax forms we evaluated were pretty good and most of their money went to helping nature. Working in this group really taught us what it is like to work as a team and having to rely on each other to get everything done and achieving your goal. I thought working in a group was hard at times because the communication wasn’t always the greatest and some people were doing the same thing and they didn’t know it. We had a couple disagreements on our fundraiser but we came together as a group and we decided on something that we all liked. We tried to involve everyone and their ideas on any decisions that were made.

Week 7- Eric Bauer

We had our second board meeting and I think that it went better than the first one. We had more people come in for this meeting and they seemed to be more prepared whereas the first group seemed to just kind of wing it. They had a lot of advice for us and it was nice of them to come in and share their own personal stories with us. Our fundraiser is going pretty good, we have raised over $100 which is halfway to our goal. We already have a pretty good idea of who we want to donate too and I think we will reach our goal of $200.

Week 8 – Evelyn Beschta

For this week we determined which organization would be best for our investment. We narrowed the list down to a few and choose the person who came in to our discussion. Because the other organizations we contacted they did not respond, and the kewaskum american legion toke their time out of their day to come and talk to us about their charity. My experience has been good working with people that are not friends. Its getting easier by each week because im getting to know them and its not as nerve racking then when we first were put in groups. Otherwise my group is very well at agreeing on things which makes the project a whole lot easier. We never have disagreements and if we do it is solved and nobody’s feelings are hurt because it is a decision we all agree upon.

Week 8 – Nicholas Goettl

Well, for my group to decide what group we wanted to donate to, we looked up local businesses who shared our interests in protecting/preserving the environment. Out of the four or five organizations that we started with, we ended with trying to decide between two of them, Riveredge Nature Center (RNC) and the Kewaskum Athletic Association (KAA). Due to the fact that only RNC showed up to the board panel discussion, we knew the most about them and decided to only donate our $190.10 to them. Working in this group environment has been enlightening to what it is really like to work with a team because we had pressure to raise money which is important. Rather than other group activities where the goal isn’t that important, having to raise money made me want to help the group more. I found it hard at times because of the group communication but we all pulled through in the end and actually raised a surprising amount from each person in our group. At the start we had a pretty hard time making decisions as a group and agreeing upon things but I feel like the farther we went, the more we got to know each other which made it easier to make decisions that would accommodate everyone’s ideas in the group.

Week 8 – Eliah Wolff

Picking out the organization for our team was a pretty easy decision, coming to a vote that was 4-1. We thought that the money would be better put to use with the place we ended up donating to. Nobody in out group really disagrees with each other so there wasn’t any conflict we had to overcome. I thought it was pretty easy working with my group who were all great people that worked hard on the fundraising and never got in arguments.