Week 2- Holly Henk

I really enjoyed doing the brown paper bag activity this week during class. I feel like I got to learn more about my classmates and I realized that a lot of us have the same values in life. For example, lot’s of different people put something about family in their bag. In my bag I had a necklace that my sister gave me, a polar bear toy, and a medal that I received from volleyball tournament. All these things represent something that is very important to me and I’m glad that I got to share them with the rest of the class. For our fundraiser my group decided to ask local restaurants if they would like to partner with us. We will give them several ideas on how they can help us out and they will get to choose the idea they like best. Our ideas for them include, selling a product and we get a certain percentage of for each one sold, rounding up to the nearest dollar, a donation jar, or anything else that they suggest. We haven’t picked our charity that we would like to help yet, but it will be something that is related to education. Once we get the organization passed through the school we will start approaching these businesses and begin our fundraising.

Week 2- Tanner Bronk

This week was an important week because we got together in our groups. The one main thing my group had is that we all had hunger as one of our choices for charities to donate to from the mad cards. Therefore my group decided that we wanted to donate to a food related charity. After discussions and weighing through options, we are pretty sure we would like to donate to the kewaskum food pantry. During class we brainstormed many different ways in which to raise money for this cause. Some of our ideas were a different assortment of bake goods, to possibly T-shirts. Although we have not gotten anything done with our fundraiser yet, i’m sure we will soon.

Week 2- Lauren Sielski

For the second class of Main Street Philanthropy, we were assigned to collect 3 things that meant a lot to us, and showed who we are as a person and put these items into a paper bag. For me, I learned that it wasn’t an easy task for myself. There were many objects for me that showed who I was as a person and it was hard to narrow done to only just a few. This happened to me also when we had to chose our top 3 organizations that we would donate to in the first week. I found out that there are a lot of things that make up who I am as a person and that I strongly believe in. When we were put into our groups, I had some of the same ideas that others had. For instance, I had a toy car that my friend got me from Columbia, which showed how much friendship means to me, and someone else also had a knick back that their friend gave them, which represents the same thing to them. Another big one that others and I had in common was family. Everyone in our group had something that related to their family, like a picture, toy, card, etc.  With this activity I learned a lot about what makes me up as a person and how define what is important to them as a person. For our group, we have decided to donate to the Kewaskum Food Pantry. Our fundraiser would consist of baking and selling goods, and also a rummage sale. We have hopes that local stores and businesses will be willing to donate money or objects to be sold to raise money for our organization.  I will be hoping that we would do bake sales at sports events and other events held locally (hoping that the school approves of it). With other clubs doing the XXL cookies at all the football games, I hope that we will be able to secure a spot at basketball games that a lot of people show up at. Overall, I am really excited for these next weeks in Main Street Philanthropy, to be able to earn money and work with others towards a great cause.

Week 2 -Ashley

I think the Brown Paper Bag Activity was very interesting. I learned several new things about the people in my group that I didn’t know previously but I also learned how everyone values different things. I would say majority of our class had something to do with family in their bag. I believe that family is an important factor of everyone’s life. The other big thing I think most people had was music. Music seems to be very important to teenagers at certain times. Our team fundraiser is going to be asking restaurants if they want to partner with us. Which includes, selling a product and we get a certain percent of each one sold, rounding up to total dollar to help us, or any other way that will help us out. By doing this method, we will not have a start up cost so there for it will be 100% profit to go to the organization that we will choose. We still don’t know what we for sure want to raise money for yet but we will get that figured out very soon. We will start fundraising as soon as we get the approval from school to do it and we figure out who we want to give the money to.

Week 2 Carlee

I learned in the brown paper bag activity there are things in my group I didn’t know about them. It was a good group activity to learn about each others hobbies and likes and interests. I found that we are very different in each of our ways but when we need to we can think of something in common if need to and make a common goal for our group.  In my learning experience for myself I learned how to communicate 0n different levels to people who don’t know much about my lifestyle. Ex: I’m in FFA and I had to explain on an easier level for people who don’t know what FFA is about.  For Our team fundraiser we as group haven’t decided yet but we know it will go towards something in town like the new regal park. We will work well as a group we put all our ideas out on the table and come up with a good idea.

Week 2 – Tina Bolek

From doing the Brown Paper Bag activity, I learned that we all value different things, and that they were mostly things that were specifically special to us. For instance, I brought a cross, which represents my faith, while another person in my group brought a polar bear figurine, which represents their love to travel. We all brought things and talked about our family though, and in part what we wanted to do with our future. I feel that while it was a good idea to get to know people better, it didn’t necessarily make me feel like I knew the person super well after the fact, but it is still a good concept. Our team fundraiser is going to be asking businesses, specifically restaurants, to either sell a specific item and we will make some profit off of it, or to use the round-up method on bills when people are checking out. We will begin holding this once we get approval from the school, and have decided what organization we want to donate to, so that the businesses will know exactly what they are raising money for. By using this method of fundraising, we won’t have any initial start-up costs, and all the money will go directly to charity.

Week 2 – Nicholas Goettl

Well, to start off, I learned a little bit from the brown bag activity but not a whole lot because I knew some things about the members of my group and they didn’t share a whole lot about themselves. I knew that Eric liked to wrestle (wrestling sweatshirt) because I was in the sport with him but I learned that he likes to hunt (hat) and also that he likes to golf (golf ball) which I wouldn’t have really thought of things that Eric would like to do. Next, since I didn’t know Carly I learned a lot about her. I learned that she is in FFA (logo) and that she likes horses and has some of them (a picture of one) but also that she likes to take pictures with a pretty cool camera (picture of a camera). Kelsey only brought in a charm but I think that meant a lot because it was given to her by her mom but she also shared that she likes nature which is pretty cool because so do I. We haven’t quite got the details of our fundraiser down pat yet but so far we think that we want to help out the Reigle Park by raising money for the fish pond that they are going to put in which works out perfectly because our common interest was preserving nature. We don’t quite know how we are going to raise money for it but some possible ideas that we have are a coin drive, selling Swedish fish (which relate to the fish pond), or selling wristbands. We would probably hold it throughout the school weeks possibly during lunch.

Week 2- Kyle Hoeft

I think that the brown paper bag activity was cool to find out what people in the class and in my group like and whats important to them. I learned that one person has a ring that was important to her and I learned that someone else just liked money and it was important to them. My groups fundraiser will be wristbands with Kewaskum Indians written on the wristband. We will sell them for $1.00 and our goal is to raise $200. It costs $50 for all of the wristbands, so after we sell 50, it will be all profit for donations. Week 2 was interesting and cool to think about something to fundraiser for.

Week 1 – Ismael C.

When we had to choose 6 of the MAD cards. It was pretty difficult because you had to really think about the things that matter most to you. A few of the cards would help a certain group of people, not the majority. For example the card for Elder care would help greatly with the seniors in our community, and of course the family members. The Elder care would only help that group, and what matters most to me is that everyone gets help. For example, food would help everyone regardless of age, gender and race. I had to choose cards that would help people with the basic needs. Such as food and shelter. What I learned most about myself is that I would rather have everyone get benefited rather than a specific age group. What I learned about my partner is that since the majority of her family would be benefited, rather than the entire population. What I hope I can get out of main street is get a better insight on how I can become a better philanthropist. Also help make a positive impact on the people around me, as well as my community.

Week 1- Brooke

Deciding on the cards was actually pretty hard. There were so many important ones to choose from but you could only pick 3 at the end. There were different perspectives you could view it on. Some people picked the ones that people maybe don’t think about or care as much about. Some picked ones that were still pretty important but many people already knew about and maybe donated. I learned that I care about the ones that mean the most to me or have purpose. I had a connection with every card I chose. I learned how everyone thinks and decides on what to chose. It describes their personality and how they feel towards every card. I hope I learn about more charities I didn’t know about and help them out more.

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