Week 10- Dylan Romaine

what i will rember most is that i raised money with a group of people that helped the community and that we helped others out in a big way and that its a big thing in the community.

How has this impacted me and how in the feature. I will donate money to our society because I know how much they are in need of money. I will also volunteer my time to help others in the area.

I think it would influence me to give. Because when I did it in class it made me feel really good that I will be helping others out there that are in need and it feels really good to give back to the communicant that you live in. That’s how MSP has influnced me to give back to the community.

How will I use it for college or job applications. I will say that i have raised over $500 to the VFW. I give back to the community I also give up my own time to help others that are in need of it. I think it will make we better at what I do because I will honer what I do because I know alot of people would want my job and I should be thankful of what i have.

Week 10 – Tanner Jacak

I think that i will remember most about main street philanthropy, is how easy it is to do good for a non profit organization. This program has impacted me to possibly donate my time and or money in the future to more non profit organizations, because of the fact that it is so easy, and it does a lot for the organization that you choose to donate to. I don’t really know how i’m going to use this in college and/or job applications.

Week 10-Travis Griesemer

  1. I will remember that it is a good thing to give money and that is something I will like to do when I get older.
  2. That it will want me to give money when Im older and hopefully I use these leadership skills to be a good leader later in my life.
  3. I has made me a better person and it has made me want to give money later in life.
  4. to do the right thing and they have given me better leadership skills, and what to do in certain situations.

Dawson Fox – Week 10

I think I will remember the fundraising and check giving the most because it was a challenge to fundraiser in the beginning but eventually we were able to raise a good amount of money to donate. I also enjoyed the check giving because the VFW was so appreciative and happy that we were able to raise money for them and donate a little more than $500.

I think this program made me more aware of how easy it is to find a cause that you care about and get involved and donate. I think that it is a good skill to have to learn how to support organizations and give back to your community. I think that I will be more inclined to give in the future because it is so rewarding and beneficial to the community and organization.

I think that this will be something I talk about on my college and scholarship applications because it is something that very few kids get to experience and it has taught me many different things. I think that this program has made me a better fundraiser which I can take into my job and future education as well as learning to reach out and network within the community.

Week 10- Breanna Rice

I feel that Main Street Philanthropy was an overall good experience. It helped us learn the importance of giving to those in need and how organziations work. When we first learned about what we were going to have to do, it sounded like a lot of work and didn’t seem very fun but after getting started it wasn’t too bad. We started to feel passionate about the organizations we wanted to donate to as we learned how they operated and how the money we were going to raise would be spend. This program has an impact on my future becuase it taught me the importance of donating. It taught me how to decide which organziations are good to donate to and which don’t always use the money in the way they say they do. I believe that when I am older I will feel more obligated to give because of this program. It has showed me that even alittle money goes along way for those who are stuggling.

Week 9- Breanna Rice

Our group was pretty set on donating our money to the Kewaskum food pantry from the beginning but as we learned more about it and how the money would be used, we felt even more sure that we should donate there. We wanted to choose somewehre local so we could directly help people in need in our community. Our group worked pretty well together as a whole. We had trouble deciding what to do as a fundraiser but in the end we all worked together to raise around $150. On the field trip we visited the food pantry so we were able to deliver the check to them right there. It felt good to see how happy there were for the donation and to learn about how the money will help needy families, especially around the holidays. In total we donated $408 and this money will be going to families around Kewaskum who can’t afford food. It will go towards helping them stock up for their thanksgiving meals because this time of year the demand is higher.

Week 10 – Isaiah Cochran

I will remember the MAD cards and also the faces of the people that we donated to when they saw how much we were donating to them. The MAD cards really made you think about what you valued in life. It felt good to donate a lot of money to organizations that will use the money to help people out.


Before taking this class, I did not know really how to give money. I tithe at church but if I ever wanted to give to an organization I would have no clue. Now I know that I can look at the 990 forms to decide if my money will be used well.


I think that this class will influence me to want to donate more because now that I know how to do it and what to look for in a charity.


Now I can say that I raised money and donated to a charity which can help on a college application and job application. I think that this experience will make me better at what I do.

Week 10 – Logan

What i’ll remember most is the field trip to the humane society. This program impacted me by always giving for other people and seeing the joy that it brings to their lives. Yes i will give back and this class has influenced me to give back but i’m not sure how yet.  Yes i will use this for college and jobs because they will look at this and will see that you will be good in a leadership role.

Week 10- Hannah Coman

  1. What I will remember most about Main Street Philanthropy is the impact it has on the community and the people in class. It was really cool to be a part of a class that does something for the community and for non-profit organizations. We were given the opportunity to be able to give back and that was the most rewarding part of this class.
  2. This program has made me realize a lot about the hard work non-profits put in everyday to make a difference for people who need it. It is more likely that I give to nonprofits in the future because they are the ones that truly need the volunteers and the money.These people dedicate so many efforts and it is a good feeling to help them out.
  3. This program has made me more likely to give back in the future because I now have the experience and the urge to do it. It is such a good feeling to put in hard work and see the results make a difference in your community. The experience helped a lot in knowing what we can all do to help these nonprofits out. Without the experience, I would have never known where to start or how to decide what organizations are good to donate to.
  4. I think I will definitely use this experience on applications that are important because giving back to the community is something that looks very good on applications. People will be impressed when I say that me and a group raised money for a non-profit in my hometown. I do think this experience will make me better at what I do because I learned a lot about working with others and being responsible and budgeting.

Sam Ostranger- Week 10

The thing I will remember most about Main Street Philanthropy is how awesome it felt when we got to present our $400.00 check to the Kewaskum Food Pantry. It was amazing to know that the money we raised is going to people in need in our own community. That money could be used to supply families with thanksgiving dinner, hygiene products, or something else.

This program has given me the motivation and desire to continue donating time and money whenever I am able to. It is so important to give back, especially to organizations that are so close to you.  MSP has definitely influenced my future decision to give.

I will use this experience on college and job applications because it looks good, but also because it really has helped me grow as a person. I think this could potentially make me better at what I do because I will be more humble in my future career. I will always remember that it’s not about the money, it is about helping people. I hope I can find a career in helping people in some way. The best feeling in the world is knowing you made somebody’s life better.