Week 9- Autumn Vorpahl

I was not able to make the field trip due to school to work, but i am sure that it was cool to experience giving the organizations the checks and seeing their reactions.

Week Nine

This week in Main Street I thought that it was really cool to deliver the checks to the organizations. I really liked being able to see the places where the people work as well as where the bikes our made for Variety. With seeing the Make-a-Wish Wisconsin facility I was a little bit surprised on the amount of space they had and the number of workers that helped fulfill the wishes. I really liked how everyone there seamed very committed to their jobs which was really good to see. When we went to the place where Variety made their bikes I felt very happy. I felt this because it was so cool to see the little boy Levi as he got fitted for his bike and how excited he was for it. It was also very inspiring to be able to see the hope and joy it gave to his mom and siblings when they say how happy he was on the bike. Overall I think that this was one of the coolest lessons of Main Street.

week 8 Dakota Lawrenz

We decided on the organization that touched us the most. The other reason we decided on make a wish is that they were able to talk to us and make us feel for them. Another thing is they had the best presentation in my opinion. The way that we chose the amount is we loved their charity the most out of all of them so we decided to donate it all. We also were helped by Donna and two other groups in the classroom. My experience has been really good and fun experience. I found it hard to raise money but it is easy now because all that’s left is to give the money to people. Yes we are all in agreement on the decisions and the reason that we were is we all loved the charity and we all decided on the way to raise money. I expect to see happy faces and everyone to meet the people we donated to.

Week 8 – Zachary Harris

We decided on which organization effects which lives the most. And saying our group decided we wanted to help children, make-a-wish was obviously the right choice for the organization we wanted to donate to. Working in a group enviroment has been great actually! And it is actually pretty easy saying we are all becoming relatively good friends. And our group has agreed perfectly on all the decision we have made throughout the class timespan. And next week i expect the trip and graduation to be great!

Week 8 BB

Our team had a few deep discussions about who will we be donating to and why. In the end we decided that we will be donating to Variety the children charity specifically for them to make a new bike for the child from make a wish foundation. Our decision was made this way because we liked both charities a lot after they came in to talk about what they were all about. All of our amounts raised will be for this cause. I think in the long run it will be the best possible decision for us.
My group experience has been very well, I do not think it was very difficult because we agreed on many things. All the decisions we have decided on have been in favor of all the group members. Any disagreement was disused and resolved.
Next week I expect things will go very well with delivering the checks to the organizations and they will be very happy.

Entry 8

MY team decided to donate to Variety and also to donate some money to make a bike for Devon the grandson of the lady that came into talk to us about Make a Wish.We determine just to donate all of the 910 dollars that we earned. We decided to donate to Variety because we believe that it best fit our purpose and vision statement.

This experience of working in a group environment was fun, because coming together with a team of people with the same goal to make people happy and give back is just a great opportunity and experience. I think that we all worked well together and it was pretty easy making decisions and we all agreed on them. We didn’t have any disagreement.

I am looking forward to next week for graduation and to share to the outside people what Main Street was all about and what all of the different stuff we did each week, and also all of the work that was done behind the scenes to make the money and donations happen.


Week 8

1. My team decided on donating to Variety because of what they do for children. It matched our vision statement. We donated some of our money to another group that tried hard but ended up not raising a lot for their fundraiser. We donated $50 to them to double their profits. We donated $800 to variety because what they do for children touched our hearts.

2. My experience in the group was nice. We all got along and had same ideas so everything went smoothly. We mainly agreed on everything so we never had a dispute over things.

3. Next class I hope to see variety and see how well our money will be spent. I am looking forward to it.
-Eric Doll

Entry 8

A) My team decided that we wanted to give the majority of the money we raised to the Kewaskum Food Pantry. This is because we all feel that food is a necessity, not a want. We also felt that it was important to help our community of Kewaskum. Therefore, we decided that the food pantry should receive more than half of the money we raised. All of us also really like the idea behind Make a Wish so we decided that the rest of the money should be donated there.

B) My experience working as a group has been a bit challenging, but in the end we worked things out. We found it difficult to decide on which charity we should donate our money to. My group was split between the Kewaskum Food Pantry and Make a Wish. We solved this problem by giving some of the money to both of the charities. This way everyone got what they wanted and was happy.

C) I honestly do not know exactly what to expect from next week but I am very exited to find out. I am predicting that the organizations we donate to will be extremely exited and thankful of our donation. I also expect that I will feel very satisfied knowing that the money will be going toward a good cause.

Zack Brogaard

Week 8

1,a.) My group raised $210 in our own fundraiser alone, and at the final total we were able to gather $910 from the donation of Main street Philanthropy. We decided to donate all of our money to Variety-The Children’s Charity of Wisconsin mostly because their organization matched our groups vision and purpose statements, and we were impressed and pleased with the panel discussion they had for our class.

b.) My experience with my group members I thought went pretty well. Throughout the whole thing we didn’t really have any disagreements are arguments and were able to compromise on everything which I think is something that’s really important to achieve when working in a group setting.

c.) What I expect from this week is to be able to have the chance to go and visit our class’s organizations that we’re choosing to donate to. This will give the different groups the opportunity to learn even more about the different organizations even more and get like an actual feel of where they do their business at. I know for our charity that we’re choosing to donate to, we’re going to be able to go to the place where they actually make the special bikes for the children who have disabilities, which I think will be really cool to see and learn more about. Plus I’m excited to see the charities different reactions when they receive our donations.

-Hunter Garcia

Week 8

A.) Our group decided which organization to give to based off of the panel discussions and the amount of money that they give back to the organization itself. We decided to give all of our money to Make-a-Wish because we didn’t raise that much so it would not have impacted an organization at all really if we would have split it up.

B.) My experience in working in a group has been good. We all worked together to pick out our organization as well as our fundraiser so it worked out well. As a group we are agreeing on where the money goes along with other things such as if we wanted to split it up at all.

C.) For this coming week I am expecting it to be really cool to see the organizations that we are donating our money to in person. I think that it will be interesting to see what the facilities look like as well as meeting the people that work with the organizations. I also hope to learn more about the organizations we visit and how they make their missions happen.