Week 7- Autumn Vorpahl

1) I interviewed my mom because she is a big role model in my life, i look up to her. Everyday she goes to work and takes care of veterans and she loves what she does. She has the biggest heart ever and will help anyone that needs help. She gives me the best advice that she can whenever i need help with something. When i need someone to talk to shes always there and willing to just sit and listen first and then give me advice.

2) I was surprised that she said children hunger, for if there was one thing that she could change in the world what would it be, i was expecting her to say something about veterans or something that had to do with veterans.

3) I learned that when my mom cares about something she puts her all into it, everyday when she goes to the VA for work to help/take care of the veterans she puts her all into it and cares very much about each one of the veterans that she takes care of. Also if she has an opinion on something that’s her opinion and no one will get her to change what she thinks, she stands strong for what she believes in.

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