Week 9 – Alex Johnson

When we delivered the check to our chosen organization it made me feel good, to finally give to people who make differences in others life’s. I knew the money would go to good use because the people who ran the charity wanted to make peoples life’s a lot better, and too me that is amazing. I am very happy we decided to choose the charity we did and I hope this can encourage more people to give, whether that be money or time.

Week 5 – Alex Johnson

A.) I am learning that you can find a lot in their tax returns, like if the company is in the hole or is financially stable. A company should be financially stable if you are thinking about donating your money to them. I don’t really see more value over another.

B.) I am finding that it is easy to evaluate non-profit organizations, you can easily find their 990’s and other things to see how well they are doing. Most of the time you can find what you need online or just contact the company and ask, generally they will give it too you.

Week 4 – Alex Johnson

My organization is Access Community Health Centers, I learner that they provide medical care to more than 23 trillion people in the United States. They are also called Federally Qualified Health Centers. These community health centers care providers for low income and medically undeserved communities.

It is important to look at numbers before making an investment because you want to make sure that you will make your money back and more, instead of losing money. I learned that they are do pretty good and even give a decent amount back to the community as well, which is very nice.


Week 1 – Alex Johnson

The experience with the MAD cards was very different and fun, it is something I have never done before. I learned that I care about certain topics more than I had anticipated. I learned that other people in my class are good people. I hope to gain better people skills and business etiquette.