Week 8 – Zachary Harris

We decided on which organization effects which lives the most. And saying our group decided we wanted to help children, make-a-wish was obviously the right choice for the organization we wanted to donate to. Working in a group enviroment has been great actually! And it is actually pretty easy saying we are all becoming relatively good friends. And our group has agreed perfectly on all the decision we have made throughout the class timespan. And next week i expect the trip and graduation to be great!

Week 6 – Zachary Harris

i learned which non-profit organizations really matter within our community and which ones give back the most and work the hardest to achieve their mission statement. And i am learning from our fundraising activity that it is not necessarily easy to sell items but it will be worth it in the long run.

Zach Harris – Week 5

I am learning that there are many different things within a company’s tax return and that in turn shows if they are a company you want to invest in or not. I feel that checking the tax returns are the best way to get the honest information from the company. I find that it is pretty difficult to actually evaluate non-profit organizations because of how they are just run in general.

Week 4 – Zachary Harris

I learned that my organization donates a large amount of their donations to help out the children at children’s hospital. It is important to look at the numbers because you want to make sure that your money is going to help someone, not just to pay for a company who is looking for “charity” handouts. Their tax returns looked very promising and didn’t give the company a bad reputation to me.

Zach Harris Week 2

I learned more about my classmates from my group and got to understand the things that they like and possibly the things we have in common. We also were able to be ourselves and share about ourselves so that really helped me to feel more comfortable with my group members. Our team fundraiser will be a brat/hot dog fry. and we will hold it some time towards the end of next month.

Zach Harris – Mainstreet Philanthropy

                 I enjoyed using the MAD cards! I learned that I myself care more about other things in this world than i thought i had. I also learnt that i had different opinions on each of those subjects. I also learned that other people have bigger hearts and cares than i had thought. I hope to gain business experience and more people skills.