Week 7 Dakota Grauden

I interviewed a friend about the questions, and I chose him because I just wanted to know more about his thoughts and how he feels on certain subjects so I asked him if he wanted to and he said yes. He has never really donated any money or his time to any charity. I learned that he grew up in a normal community and he would like to have every kid to have a good home life and get a fair chance at a fun, safe, and healthy childhood.

week 6 Dakota Grauden

1. Well I learned so much about the panels. I was not a big fan of the Random Lake food pantry because people could only come once a month. But the Kewaskum food pantry lets family come in once a week so that was better. I liked how the Big brother and Big sister foundation always finds a match and they almost never get it wrong. But I still want to giving a cancer charity.

2. I’m learning so much about the groups. That everyone is trying as hard as they can so that they can donate to the organization they feel is more important

3. I really like the feeling when we were raising money for the charity. I also like looking up the charity’s p90 forms and see which charities are actually trying to help out the cause.

Week 5 Dakota Grauden

We learned about the tax returns and it shows what the organization does with all of their money. So the 990 forms show us what they do with all the money but in class I learned that the numbers don’t show fully what happens with the money, like if that they have renovations that won’t show on the 990’s so you can call the charity and ask them yourself.’

It is easy because we just have to research the charity because they are all trying to good and everything we need to know we can find it because charity’s don’t and can’t hide anything.

Dakota Grauden week 4

Well I am looking up the organization called American Cancer Society and what they do is with the donations they help find cures and stuff along that line. I have been looking at their 990 forms and they seem to be a very good organization except for every dollar we give them just about 21 cents is given back and to me that doesn’t seem like the greatest amount to be giving them all the money we have raised. I like the organization tho. They do help out a very good cause but they don’t give back a lot of money which they should be.

I think it is very important to look at the numbers before giving any money because you earned that money and if you decide to give it to charity then that is great but you should know how much money is actually being given to the cause that you want to help out with. And looking at ACS they do look good except how much money they give back. They should be giving more money back because they are trying to help a very big cause that could end up saving many peoples lives.

Dakota Grauden

Dakota Grauden Week 2

I learned that everyone in my group ended up having something to do with their work. Alex also had like headphones because he likes music and I do as well.

And our group plans on selling Kewaskum Indians wristband. We will be selling them all around town and at the football games. We will have different colors and we will have too put some money in it to start it off we plan on making them sell for about one dollar.

Week one dakota g

I thought the mad cards were pretty cool. I found out why I chose my top 3 and why my partner chose his top 3. I also found out that most of my classmates ended up picking is of the same issues. It also showed me what kind of people my classmates are.

I hope to gain the knowledge and understanding of what a philanthropists does and all the work it takes to become one. Also I want to know how it feels to be working with charitys