Week 9

1.a) Delivering the checks last week actually went much better than I was expecting it to. I knew delivering them would be a good experience that I would enjoy, but it actually was even better than what I thought it was going to be. Actually going to the charities and meeting the people who work there and are devoted to give their time to the different organizations was much more inspiring. Even more inspiring and informational than talking to the people on the phone, reading, or listening to the panel discussions. When the charities received the checks you could really tell how grateful and happy they were to receive our donations, which made you actually feel like your hard work did in fact pay off. My favorite part was delivery my groups check to Variety, and meeting the recipient of the bike. Hearing from his mom, and a mom who also received a bike for her son from Variety in the past touched me greatly. I know now that our money was put towards a good cause, that will be able to better this child’s life and provide them with an experience that may not have been possible without our help.

-Hunter Garcia

Week 8

1,a.) My group raised $210 in our own fundraiser alone, and at the final total we were able to gather $910 from the donation of Main street Philanthropy. We decided to donate all of our money to Variety-The Children’s Charity of Wisconsin mostly because their organization matched our groups vision and purpose statements, and we were impressed and pleased with the panel discussion they had for our class.

b.) My experience with my group members I thought went pretty well. Throughout the whole thing we didn’t really have any disagreements are arguments and were able to compromise on everything which I think is something that’s really important to achieve when working in a group setting.

c.) What I expect from this week is to be able to have the chance to go and visit our class’s organizations that we’re choosing to donate to. This will give the different groups the opportunity to learn even more about the different organizations even more and get like an actual feel of where they do their business at. I know for our charity that we’re choosing to donate to, we’re going to be able to go to the place where they actually make the special bikes for the children who have disabilities, which I think will be really cool to see and learn more about. Plus I’m excited to see the charities different reactions when they receive our donations.

-Hunter Garcia

Week 6

1, a.) During last weeks panel discussion I learned, I got to hear and learn about different organizations from actual board members and I thought it was a great experience to actually get to learn more about the organizations themselves. Having a board member come in and talk about their organization, I think, is much better than just reading off the organizations website or even calling them. Having that face-to-face experience lets you have a better connection with the different organizations. I got to learn from the organization that actually matched my groups specific mission and vision statements, but I also got to hear from the others that didn’t. Which was still nice cause it allowed me to get more of an opinion on organizations that I didn’t know much about prior.
b.) Some things that I’m learning from my team’s fundraising activity that it’s actually a lot of work and takes a lot of effort to do. My group is looking for donations, and so far we were able to get two big donations due to some of my group members connections. However I’m looking to find others to still donate on my own time, and using money that I earn from babysitting and other activities like that, to put towards our fund raising. Finding little jobs to do for other people can be difficult if nobody needs you, but you have to be able to find a way to make it work, and get enough to make your goal.
c.) I think, for my group members and I that being able to (hopefully) donate to an organization that matches our mission statement would be something that would makes us feel good and actually proud. We choose our mission statement for a reason, we took things that we thought were extremely important to us and put it as our goal to help out. I hope that we end up liking the charities that our group personally choose after this weeks panel discussion, and decide which one we prefer or don’t prefer.

-Hunter Garcia

Week 5

1.a) I’ve learned that looking on the charity or organizations website, you can often find out their 990 tax form, come up with a quantitative and be able to calculate their program, management, fundraising ratios, cost to raise $1 and sustainability time. Another way is to actually contact the organization and ask them questions to evaluate them. I think looking up the 990 is probably the “easier” way to evaluate but I think actually contacting the organization yourself has more value to it because you’re actually making contact with them and asking the questions yourself and you’re able to get more of the information you want and need to know.

b.) I think overall it’s fairly easy to evaluate non-profit organizations as long as you’re willing to put in the work. Looking at the 990 form, as long as you know where to look you can easily find out their basic financial information, and contacting them, as long as they answer the questions you ask, you can easily learn a lot about what you need to know.

-Hunter Garcia

Week 4

1.a.) The organization, that I myself was really looking into was the Variety-The Children’s Charity of Wisconsin. This organization aims to help children (specifically with disabilities) so they can reach their full potential in life and experience all the joys that come, or should come, with being a kid. My group’s mission was to help those with disabilities, and I thought Variety was a good possibility of a organization to work with and donate to because they meet our mission and they are located in our state. So they would be helping locally.

b.) It’s important to look at numbers before you invest, because you don’t want to invest your work, money and time into a company that wouldn’t end up meeting your mission or your goal for the long run. If you ended up donating all this money to an organization, and the money you  thought was for a good cause, ended up not going to that actual cause and just going towards the company, you wouldn’t end up feeling good about that investment and it would be kind of pointless. When I looked at my organizations tax return I was a little disappointed with their program ratio, which was only at 68%, where I was kind of hoping for a higher percentage.

-Hunter Garcia

Week 3

1.a) My experience in creating my groups purpose, vision, and mission statements was something that I enjoyed because we were able to come up with and state what we, as a group, wanted our goal and purpose to be. My group members and I said that our team’s purpose was to serve our community by supporting people with (physical or mental) disabilities. We also said that our vision is to be able to provide financial aid to families with children with disabilities to help for doctor visits, special services and or amazing experiences they wouldn’t to be able to have otherwise. I think that my group members and I had an easy time creating our purpose and vision statements, but the mission statement was one where I thought we kind of had to put more thinking into because we actually had to create a list of action steps that will get us to where we want to be.

b.) When reaching out to organizations this week, I was kind of nervous about it at first. But once we actually started to kind of get a hold of people, it wasn’t as bad. So far I know that we have only heard from one organization. I recently just talked to Variety-The Children’s Charity of Wisconsin, and the person I talked to seem pleasantly surprised of what Main Street Philanthropy was, and how we were interested in possibly donating to their organization. When I talked about having one of their members come in and talk to our class, he said that that’s something he was totally interested in and would love to do. Talking to him made me actually more interested in not only what we’re doing, but what their organization does. So I’m looking forward to hearing from them at our panel discussion, if things work out.


-Hunter Garcia

Week 2

1.a) In week 2 of Main Street Philanthropy, I learned that my classmates and I all picked three different object/items that we thought represented us and our interests. Which was different from last week, when we used the MAD cards, a lot of us picked the same cards, but with our three object we put in our paper bags, we all choose different items with our own special meaning. I thought that the paper bag idea was a nice way to share my interests with my peers and also learn more about theirs.

b.) At the moment we’re not definite on our what our team fundraiser will be. But some ideas that we discussed before our meeting (during class), we talked about maybe selling glow sticks or noise makers at the football games to sell to students and parents. We would try to start these sales probably not until starting next week.

Week 1

1.a) Using the MAD cards during our first week of the Mainstreet Philanthropy Class, I enjoyed actually recognizing what I like and care about in society and our world, and also getting the chance to see what others are interested in.  I feel as if everybody has their own mind set of what is important in the world, but there are few opportunities where we actually can sit down and analyze what and why we think certain values are important to us. Using the MAD cards I started out by choosing my top 6, then I limited it down to my top 3. All of the cards that were given I felt were important, but my top 3 (Social Justice & Civil Rights, Educational Institution and Hospital & Medical Care), were the most important because I thought those values and concerns were important for not only our world now but for our future, and the hospital and medical care relates to my interest for my dream future career. As with other people’s interest goes, a lot of us had similar interests and viewed that the same values and concerns were just as important too. I find that aspect interesting, because it shows we share more of a common thinking than what we realize.

b.) In the Mainstreet Philanthropy Program, I hope to gain more knowledge and experience the fun of giving back to others. I think getting the opportunity to create and take part in making a positive impact for our community, charity, and others, will be good for me as a person and expand my knowledge on what it’s like to give back.