Week 9

It made me feel good to deliver the checks. I was happy to see how the organizations really appreciated what we did. Also, it was a great experience to see how variety made the bikes for the children.
-Eric Doll

Week 8

1. My team decided on donating to Variety because of what they do for children. It matched our vision statement. We donated some of our money to another group that tried hard but ended up not raising a lot for their fundraiser. We donated $50 to them to double their profits. We donated $800 to variety because what they do for children touched our hearts.

2. My experience in the group was nice. We all got along and had same ideas so everything went smoothly. We mainly agreed on everything so we never had a dispute over things.

3. Next class I hope to see variety and see how well our money will be spent. I am looking forward to it.
-Eric Doll

Week 7

I interviewed Mrs. Schmitt because she is a mentor to me and a great teacher.
She told me that she hurt her knee so she couldn’t play tennis but, she still had the drive to compete so she swam so she could still compete.
I learned from the conversation that it is important to help out. It makes you feel better internally. Also, I learned that a single act of kindness could make a whole person’s day.
-Eric Doll


1.I learned that all the speakers were very passionate about what they do for their organization. With none of the panel being from a place that deals with cancer, we will not be able to choose from one of these organizations. We told people that their money was going to cancer research so we must stick with it.

2.I am learning that people only donate if they know where their money is going to. Also, I learned that if you have something people will want then it is easier to gain tribute from it.

3.Being able to feel good about helping a good cause is exciting. I will be able to sleep better at night knowing that more advancements to helping cure cancer will be made.

-Eric Doll



  1. I learned that the American Red Cross is in South Carolina right now helping with the flood they had. While talking to the representative I learned that 90% of what is donated to them is given back to the people. Also, with the disaster in South Carolina the representative wouldn’t be able to come in. I learned that the Red Cross specialties are disaster relief, supporting America’s Military families, health and safety training/education, and collecting blood to save lives.
  2. It is important to look at the numbers before investing so you can know what you’re actually putting your money towards. I learned by looking at the tax returns of the American Red Cross that they give back 90.48% of the money. However, 33.76% of their expense is fundraising, with only 3.87% going to pay management salaries.

-Eric Doll


  1.  I am learning to actually look at a company’s financials to see what they use the money they receive for. Also, actually asking the company itself is nice because you have them telling you and a tax return to check up on to see how truthful they are.
  2. I am finding that it is moderate to evaluate non-profit organizations. It is not easy because of figuring out the numbers and figuring out if they are accurate. It is not easy to get up the courage to ask the organization face to face.

-Eric Doll

Week 3

1.My experience in creating our Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements was interesting. It made me think about what we are actually doing. It makes me feel good inside to know I will be doing good for other people.

2.I expect to encounter a few organizations that really give back. Also, I bet some won’t give back a lot but I hope they do.

-Eric Doll


  1. I was not in class so I didn’t learn anything from my classmates.However, I know about myself that I have a passion for sports.
  2. My team’s fundraiser will be selling wristbands. We will be selling them at school, sporting events, and at businesses that will allow us to sell them there.

Week One

1. The MAD cards was fun to actually think of what i think is important. I learned about myself that I appreciate people a lot and think they deserve appreciation for everything they do. I learned that other people think the same way and that they think food and shelter are important also.

2.I hope to gain more of an understanding of how charities work and how to help people out in better ways.