Week 9 BB

I think that the deliveries of the money to the organizations went very well. They were very and happy and thankful for the hard work we have done and what we donated. Overall it was worth all the hard work to see the smile on there faces.

Week 8 BB

Our team had a few deep discussions about who will we be donating to and why. In the end we decided that we will be donating to Variety the children charity specifically for them to make a new bike for the child from make a wish foundation. Our decision was made this way because we liked both charities a lot after they came in to talk about what they were all about. All of our amounts raised will be for this cause. I think in the long run it will be the best possible decision for us.
My group experience has been very well, I do not think it was very difficult because we agreed on many things. All the decisions we have decided on have been in favor of all the group members. Any disagreement was disused and resolved.
Next week I expect things will go very well with delivering the checks to the organizations and they will be very happy.

Week 7 BB

I chose to interview my mom, because I felt like I could find out some interesting information about her childhood. Also to be able to compare how life was like for her to my life. There were a few things that surprised me, the fist one was is that she did not get her license until she was 18, because she did not have the need to drive. Also that it was just her parents and her sister growing up, and that my grandma was a stay at home mom. I learned a lot about the interview with my mom, like how life was not as easy for them as it is now. Being a kid is also a lot more fun this day in age than it was back then. Overall the interview went very well. BB

Week 5 BB

While looking at different charities and organizations tax returns really helped me evaluate their performance and what their financials are all about. It was easy to find important information quickly while looking at a tax return. They are public and it is easy to calculate where there money goes and if they are honest. Talking to the company either in person or on the phone I think is an even better way to learn about a charity.

Overall it is very easy to contact and find out about the deep details of a charity. Through the 990 form and talking to a representative you can find out just about all the information you need. We are getting companies in the area to donate to our cause as the mainstreet class.

Week 1 BB

My experience with the MAD cards went very well. I learned that many of us have different views, but in the end, we could all agree on some things. I learned that the things that matter to me the most is the veterans and the disabled. Many other team members thought this as well. Overall I think this activity brought us together as a team.

During this course I hope to gain knowledge about charity and non profit organizations. I think this will be a fun course and it will help all class members in the future for donations and investing.

Week 4 BB

I learned that my organization (The Wounded Warrior Project) is a very financially stable and honest company. The Wounded Warrior Project aims to help all types of veterans that are wounded, disabled, or simply in need. They also raise awareness to the country of the wounded vets. They also provide unique direct programs to help out the disabled and or vets in need. All in all the companies name is a good description of what they do. Also there tax return proves that they are a truthful well organized organization.

It is always important to look at the numbers of an organization before making an investment. The biggest reason being is to make sure it is a good company and that they are honest. When I looked into my companies tax return I found out that they are a good company and true to the investors. All the numbers and percentages were where they were supposed to be so I decided it was a good investment.

Week 2 Branden Brzozowski

In week 2 of Main Street Philanthropy, I learned that most of us have different interests.  We all choose different items with our own special meaning. I thought that the paper bag idea was a good way to show what we care about and I think this will help with ideas for the fundraiser.

We don’t know what our fundraiser is going to be yet, but some ideas that we had would be selling glow sticks or noise makers at the football games to sell. We would try to start this next week at home football games.