Entry 9

A) Last Friday my class and I delivered a check for 1,660 dollars to Variety, the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin. We also donated a check of over 600 dollars to Make a Wish Foundation. It was truly a great feeling to actually donate the money. I felt very satisfied when I saw exactly where my money was going. Seeing the the young handicapped boy get on his bike for the first time really made me feel happy. This experience also allowed me realize that all of the time spent to raise the money was definitely worth it. I now truly know that the money we raised is going to a great cause. This Friday we will delivering a check for nearly 400 dollars to the Kewaskum Food Pantry. I am really looking forward to this because the Kewaskum Food Pantry is the charity that my group is donating the most money to.

Zack Brogaard

Entry 8

A) My team decided that we wanted to give the majority of the money we raised to the Kewaskum Food Pantry. This is because we all feel that food is a necessity, not a want. We also felt that it was important to help our community of Kewaskum. Therefore, we decided that the food pantry should receive more than half of the money we raised. All of us also really like the idea behind Make a Wish so we decided that the rest of the money should be donated there.

B) My experience working as a group has been a bit challenging, but in the end we worked things out. We found it difficult to decide on which charity we should donate our money to. My group was split between the Kewaskum Food Pantry and Make a Wish. We solved this problem by giving some of the money to both of the charities. This way everyone got what they wanted and was happy.

C) I honestly do not know exactly what to expect from next week but I am very exited to find out. I am predicting that the organizations we donate to will be extremely exited and thankful of our donation. I also expect that I will feel very satisfied knowing that the money will be going toward a good cause.

Zack Brogaard

Entry 7

1) I choose to interview my mom because I really look up to her and respect her responses.
2) I was surprised at all of the organizations my mom has donated to. I knew that my mom donated to some organization but not as many as she commented on in the conversation.
3) I really learned a lot about my mom from the conversation I had with her. I learned that when she was a child, her parents took care of the financials and never really discussed it with her. I also learned that giving back to the community is very important to her.
4)Fundraiser: Our group’s fundraiser was selling glow sticks. After selling the glow sticks at a football game and at lunch, we learned that they are not a very popular item. Then we decided to go door to door on Trick or Treat night to collect small donations. This worked surprisingly well and we ended up making over 100 dollars doing this. We are choosing to donate our money to the Kewaskum food pantry because we want to serve our local community.

Zack Brogaard

Entry 6

A) I really learned a lot form the non-profit panel discussion that we had this past Friday. I also thought that the discussion went much better than I thought it would. I was surprised at how prepared the speakers were. It seemed like they really cared about their organization. It also seemed like the speakers were very willing to let us know about their organization.

B) I am learning from my team’s fundraiser that fundraising is much more difficult than I thought. I also am learning that glow sticks are not a very good fundraising item. For the most part, know one wants to spend their money on something they don’t want, even if they know the profit goes to charity.

C) The exiting part about being a philanthropist is knowing that everything that you are doing, will end up benefiting someone who needs help. I am very existed about the day that we present our check to the organization of our choice.

Zack Brogaard

Entry 5

A) I learned that you can evaluate a company by analyzing their tax returns.  By doing this, you can find out specific financial information on the company such as Program Ratio or Management Ratio.  By analyzing a tax return you can only learn quantitative values about the company.  These number values can sometimes be deceiving and not properly represent the company.  A better way to evaluate a company is to actually conduct an interview with a leader of the company.  This way you can have a conversation and discuss why the numbers are the way they are.

B) I am finding it pretty easy to evaluate non-profit organizations.  My non-profit organization, the Kewaskum food pantry, was very happy to provide me with information about their organization.  I had a brief interview with the treasurer of the Kewaskum food pantry and he was willing to answer all of my questions.

Zack Brogaard

Entry 4

A) I learned that my organization, The Kewaskum Food Pantry, is a very small organization.  I also learned that The Kewaskum Food Pantry is ran entirely by volunteers.

B) It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment so that you know where your money is going.  It would be foolish to give your money to an organization that only gives 5% of the donation to the charity.   When I give my money to an organization, I want to know that the majority of the money is actually going the charity.  I learned that the Kewaskum Food Pantry is a very young organization and therefore they have not yet filled their taxes.  For that reason, they have yet to completed a tax return.

Zack Brogaard

Entry 3

  1. My experience creating our purpose, vision, and mission statements was interesting but at the same time rather challenging.  I believe that everyone in my group has an image in their minds as to the vision of our fundraiser, however, it was hard to actually put it onto paper.  As for the mission statement, I thought it was difficult to create a step by step plan on paper.
  2. I believe that the organizations that we contact will be very exited to hear that a younger generation is participating in Philanthropy.  I also think that they will be eager to receive our donations, therefore, they should be willing to attend our panel discussions.

Zack Brogaard

Entry Two

A) The brown paper bag activity helped me learn about myself a little more.  By doing this activity I learned what things are truly most important to me.  This activity also helped me learn a little more about my classmates.  I realized that all of my peers choose different items than me, meaning that everyone has different favorite things to do in life.

B) My team’s fundraiser is going to be a 50/50 raffle.  The raffle will take place over about a three week period during the month of October.  We will put an advertisement for the raffle in the school announcements.  We will also try to sell raffle tickets at any remaining home football games.

Zack Brogaard

Entry One

A)My experience using the MAD cards was very interesting.  I found it extremely hard to pick my top three cards because they all seemed to be important to me.  I learned that the three topics that I value the most are housing, hunger, and environmental protection.  I also learned that each person in our class values similar things.  Out of the 20 MAD cards, there were about 8 that were continuously said, however, the other 12 were rarely ever mentioned.

B)By participating in the Main Street Philanthropy program I hope to gain a complete understanding of what philanthropy is.  I also wish to complete a fundraiser of my own and donate the money earned to a local charity.  By doing this I will truly learn what it means to give something.

Zack Brogaard