Final Blog- Autumn Vorpahl

1) I will remember that sometimes something maybe to hard to accomplish but if you never give up you will come out with a good outcome. (Our fundraiser for example) No matter where you are team work is going to be a big thing, and you have to learn to work together.

2) I use to volunteer at Puppy land Humane Society and enjoyed helping animals, i hope to maybe volunteer at a different Humane Society and or a organization for children. I hope to give more time to helping others out when they need help and to donating items or money to organizations.

Week 9- Autumn Vorpahl

I was not able to make the field trip due to school to work, but i am sure that it was cool to experience giving the organizations the checks and seeing their reactions.

Week 8- Autumn Vorpahl

1) There was two of us in our group that wanted to donate to Kewaskum food pantry to help hunger and the other two in the group wanted to donate to Make A Wish to help kids come true, so we separated our money in between then two. $383.00 went to the Kewaskum food pantry because the people that donated that to us through going door to door and our parents wanted it to go to helping hunger and $253.00 went to Make A Wish because the $53.00 i raised i wanted to go toward making a child’s wish come true and the $200 was the extra money we were given.

2) It was difficult at first because we didn’t really agree as a team and didn’t really work well together, but after a while we learned that in order to get it done we had to come together as a team. In the end we raised $436.00 total, we didn’t agree on what organizations to give it too so we split our money and gave it to two different organizations so everyone was happy in our group. We didn’t handle disagreement very well at first, we argued and worked kind of separately, but at the end we came together as a team to make decisions.

3) I expect that next week will go well, iam sure that every organization will be very grateful for us donating the money to them to help them out. Its going to be interesting to see the looks on their faces and their reactions when we hand them the checks, its always good to see young teenagers like us being able to give our time to raise that much money to try and help organizations out there that make a difference in our world.

Week 7- Autumn Vorpahl

1) I interviewed my mom because she is a big role model in my life, i look up to her. Everyday she goes to work and takes care of veterans and she loves what she does. She has the biggest heart ever and will help anyone that needs help. She gives me the best advice that she can whenever i need help with something. When i need someone to talk to shes always there and willing to just sit and listen first and then give me advice.

2) I was surprised that she said children hunger, for if there was one thing that she could change in the world what would it be, i was expecting her to say something about veterans or something that had to do with veterans.

3) I learned that when my mom cares about something she puts her all into it, everyday when she goes to the VA for work to help/take care of the veterans she puts her all into it and cares very much about each one of the veterans that she takes care of. Also if she has an opinion on something that’s her opinion and no one will get her to change what she thinks, she stands strong for what she believes in.

Week 5

1) I learned how to look at organizations 990s, and learned more about my organization and its financials. It was interesting to see that my organizations fundraising expense was 0 so they run basically off of donations.

2) Its kind of both, if you don’t know how to read or understand form 990s then its not really going to be easy for you to figure out about your organization financially but if you know how to understand 990s then it should be easy for you. Also sometimes organizations don’t have 990s yet if they are kind of new and just started up, so then you cant find out their financial situation either.

Week 4

  1. My organization that i am researching is Full Shelf Food Pantry, it has been servicing families with food since 1982, it was created to distribute donated food temporarily for families during the period of the rise of unemployment.  The Full Shelf Food Pantry is ran entirely by volunteers, and is not affiliated with any national organizations. They have special hours on the first and third Tuesdays of the month for seniors 65 and older.
  2. It is important to look at the numbers before making a investment because you don’t want to be giving the money you raise to an organization that doesn’t give much back to the community. I learned that from the tax return of Full Shelf Food Pantry, their fundraising expense is $0.

Week 3

  1. It was very interesting but also was kind of a challenge. In general we knew what our fundraiser is all about, but really couldn’t find the words to put it down on paper. The mission statement was kind of hard because of putting it all into steps. Otherwise our group did pretty good and made it through the challenges.
  2. I think that the organizations that we contact will be surprised but happy that young kids are willing to give back to the community and do fundraisers. I think they will be willing to come in and speak to the class or be glad that we picked them as one of organizations to give too. All in all i think that it will be a good experience.

Week Two

  1. I’ve learned that each of us have very different interest’s like hobby wise or stuff that we like to do. It was still interesting to learn about what we each like to do in our free time or something about our life. It’s cool to learn about different/new people that we never knew anything about before and also cool to get to know new people. It was kind of awkward i guess at first since we really don’t know each other at all but it started getting better towards the end of class. All in all it was a fun/interesting activity.
  2. Our team fundraiser is to do 2 50/50 raffles which we have yet to decide the date for.
  1. It was a interesting experience using the MAD cards, it was interesting to see what people had as their top 3. Many of us had the same as our top three or at least one of our top 3 were the same. There were a lot of people that had people with disabilities, veterans, and children as their top 3 and our explanations were also kind of the same.  Its interesting to learn more about people that we really don’t know anything about, and learn if we have similarities or not. The MAD cards activity was fun and cool to do.
  2. I hope to become more comfortable with talking in front of people and being in groups with people that i may not know the best. I hope to keep being able to give back after Main street Philanthropy like helping out with other fundraisers and just going and volunteering at places to help out. Also to learn new things that maybe i never thought of wanting to learn before.