Week 2 Travis Trudeau

Well one thing I learned was that Liza has been out of the country multiple times through out her life and another thing I learned is what Zach’s headphones mean to him. They were intended for helping his you tube channel and they weren’t as good as he thought so now he uses them for music.

Our group in planning on talking to the local Piggly Wiggly and dicussing what our ideas are and also our goals we want to achieve, and hopefully be able to have a brat fry there. We plan on investing a little bit of our own money and we are also going to try and see if the Pig would be able to help pay for a little bit of it such as buns.

Travis Trudeau Main Street Philanthropy

Well the main thing I took out of the MAD cards was that many people had common interests. We all wanted to care for the disabled, let everyone have equal rights, and things along those lines. I learned that other people can feel the same way that you do about certain topics.

One thing I am hoping to gain from participating in the program, is that I will be able to improve my social skills by fundraising and doing the hands on work. Also I want to get the experience to put in efforts and have it pay off by helping a better cause.