Week 8

In week 8 we finally decided where are hard earned money goes. Each group had to make a power point about there group, what there mission statement was, and who they are going to give there money to. We decided to give are money to variety. We had the intent to have variety make a bike for Sandy’s grandson but she would have to fill out an application and it just seemed like to much. So the money is going to a bike for some other boy or girl.

Week 7

I interviewed my mom this week. She is a good person who greatly impacted my life for the better. My mom is a very giving and caring person. She gives money to Mothers against drunk driving and the American cancer society. It was kind of disappointing that nobody came in for are panel discussion but we still choose a wonderful charity that came in and talked. I was really pleased with what the charity’s goal. This charity will receive $550 that we made profit on are fundraiser. I am happy to go and see the charity in person.

Week 6

I thought that the non-profit organizations were very interesting. They came ready to explain there organization and answer some questions that we had. Our fundraiser went great we ended up making $550. We still don’t know what charity we are going to give the money to. We only have one person coming in this Friday and that’s Debbie Przedpelski from Kathy Hospice. I know we were suppose to have two but one is better than none.

Week 5

In week 5 we learned to look at multiple years of 990s because there tax returns could be different from year to year. I found out that my company gave a good amount of the dollar back to the community it was roughly 86 cents. I am finding it is kind of difficult to evaluate the 990 because there is so much information to look at.

Week 4 Tommy Strom

My organization I am researching is ABCD which is also know as After Breast Cancer Diagnoses. ABCD helps people who have or who had breast cancer. They give them one on one support to help breast cancer victims. Looking at ABCDs 990 tax returns ABCD has good numbers and they give a good amount of there earned money back to the community. I would give are money to this organization, but we have to look at the other organizations to see what they give.

Week 3 Tommy Strom

In week three we made purpose, vision and mission statements. The Healthy Helpers, which is what are team name is, had the main purpose of trying to raise money for cancer research. The vision we have is raising at least $400 to present to a cancer research non profit. We are going to reach this $400 goal by selling bracelets at football games and around town. We have already ordered the bracelets and had it approved by are teacher. I think this is a good idea because it is national breast cancer month so I believe people will be motivated to support and buy a little pink to wear.

Tommy Strom Week 2

This week in main street we brought brown bags in, holding three things that represent us. We had to share those three things with are groups. The groups we received are the groups that we are going to stay in for are fundraiser. My group already has a decent plan for are fundraiser. We have decided to sell wristbands at football games and around the community. We will have to put some of are own money into it, but that is okay, we will pay ourselves back later while also meeting are goal. I am looking forward to the coming weeks.