Week 7 Danny Seitz

I interviewed my mom because she handles the families finances and does the families donating. Something that surprised me is how much time and money she donates to charities whether it be her weekly donations to the church or participating in fundraisers. I learned that my mom learned from a young age that donating was important for a persons spiritual health to help the people around them.

Week 6

What sticks in my mind is how open the volunteers were about their organizations and how they knew so much about them from memory. What I earned is that all of the organizations on the pool are very qualified and are important in their respective fields of who they are helping.
This week I had the opportunity to help out at the Random Lake Interfaith Food Pantry. It was sad to see the sheer amount of people who came to get food. But it was also good to see how these volunteers were able to help the needy very quickly with a smile. We gave them food, cloths, and some necessary hygiene products. I believe that even though that this food pantry isn’t in our immediate community I believe that it would still be good to give to them.
Danny Seitz

Week 5

The Biggest thing that I have learned is that you should always take more than one year into account. You should also ask your organization for further information on why the numbers are what they are. For example I asked mine about why their expenses were higher last year and I found out that they had to replace their roof which cost $5,000.

I think that it is relatively easy because you just have to look at their tax records over a couple of years, the number of people that they serve, and their attitude and how they treat their clients.

-Danny Seitz

Week 4

This week I learned tat my organization, the Random Lake Area Interfaith Food Pantry, was a good organization. I think this because it is volunteer run and has no salaries. The down side to this organization is it can only be self-sustained for 13 months.It is important to look into your organization because some places have a good cause but they don’t ¬†give a lot to it.

-Danny Seitz

Week 2

A) This week we learned about people interests during the Brown Bag activity. This allowed us to see what our group members like to do. This also showed us all our strengths and our areas of expertise for this project. It also allowed me to show them who I was and allowed us to bond as a group.
B) Our team fundraiser will be two 50/50 raffles that will last one week each. We have not set a date for these raffles yet.

Week 1Danny Seitz

In the first week of my Main Street Philanthropy we were given flash cards with different charities on them. We then picked our top 6 kinds of charities. This was important because it showed us what was important to us and to others and helped me learn more about others that are in my class. It also told me that I cared about the children and the disables the most. We also were given examples of how to be philanthropists. I hope to gain knowledge on how to be a better contributor in my community.